Maybelline Sky High Mascara TikTok — The Viral Mascara

If you are tired of the old smudgy mascaras, then Maybelline Sky High Mascara TikTok is here to solve all your problems. It’s all about perfection and here is how TikTok users came to know about it. Keep reading!

TikTok is beating all other social media platforms when it comes to the product review videos. If you want to buy a product, go open your TikTok account and look for the product reviews, you will get plenty of accounts that are just based on product reviews and they also are quite authentic.

You can get to know about all cosmetic products, electronics, mobile phones and what not? Well, TikTok is growing as the best platform with such extensive information related to every single aspect of life.

The Maybelline Sky High Mascara TikTok has also risen to fame after a viral product review video. Want to know some magical facts about this mascara? Yes? Then keep scrolling!

What Is Maybelline Sky High Mascara On TikTok About

Image Of What Is Maybelline Sky High Mascara On TikTok About

If you are live on TikTok, then you might have seen plenty of videos related to the Maybelline Sky High Mascara flaunting on your feed. Well, it is all about a cosmetic product by the famous Cosmetic multinational company Maybelline.

The mascara initially appeared on TikTok when a user named as @Jessica.eid_ rolled a video sharing her experience about the mascara. It captions, “I 100 per cent recommend this mascara.” The video features her applying mascara on her lashes and it’s really something worth watching.

The video has garnered millions of views as of now. As soon as the video went viral, people started to share their experience about the mascara and it made a chain. Most of them seem agreeing with her as they call it their ‘New Favorite Mascara’ now.

New Mascara TikTok

Currently the viral hash tag Maybelline Sky High Mascara TikTok has garnered a huge 74 million views from the TikTok community. As of now the Maybelline Sky High Mascara has garnered 856.5K hearts and 52.3K comments.

It also has got more than 13K comments. As the name suggests, Sky High Mascara will take your lashes to whole new heights. It is best known for its lengthening feature, it also gives volume to your eye lashes and you will feel a considerable change.

It comes in an amazing packaging which catches the eyes in a single glimpse. When opened you will witness a flex tower mascara brush that has a bending feature to volume every single lash. It covers your lashes from root to tip very smoothly. While going through all the related videos on TikTok, we have concluded that the results are up to the mark.

Viral TikTok Mascara

Image Of New Mascara TikTok

The viral Mascara from TikTok comes in various shades. You can choose your favorite shade among very black, blackest-black and very black waterproof. It can be ordered from the online store Amazon in just $8.99. It’s really a good deal to have a classy mascara in such reasonable price range.

For the perfect results, so many beauty Vloggers have suggested to apply 3 coats of mascara on our eye lashes. You can firstly apply the mascara on one side to witness the results. Once applied you will feel your lashes touching your brow bone and the lash will also look thicker than before.

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Final Thoughts

Though the famous Maybelline Sky High Mascara TikTok is created by Maybelline’s partner so the review was supposed to be positive. But all other videos made in reaction to this original video show the same results. So we can conclude that the Maybelline Sky High Mascara is a must try cosmetic item now.

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