Try Being My Size Amy TikTok — But What Does It Mean?

Have you seen plenty of hash tags saying Try Being My Size Amy TikTok on the Foryou page lately? Want to know what exactly does this phrase mean and from where it evolved? Yes? Well, you are on the right site. Keep reading and get to know all details about this viral meme tagline “Try Being My Size Amy TikTok”.

TikTok is the best platform if you want to get entertained. You will get variety of memes every time you open the application. These memes will surely make you laugh your heart out. Currently, TikTok video creators are obsessed with a meme line that says, “Try Being My Size Amy”. Thousands of videos are being rolled everyday with new ideas using this same tagline.

This article will enlighten you with what this tagline actually means, its back-story and some amazing content from TikTok users covering this hilarious meme. Keep Scrolling!

What Is “Try Being My Size Amy” On TikTok About 

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The famous meme line “Try Being My Size Amy” isn’t actually the product of TikTok. It has originated from an American Reality TV show on TLC, named as ‘1000-lb sisters’. The show features two Slaton sisters who weigh an average of thousands pound.

They are in their 30’s and from the very beginning they have been one another’s support system. Ammy and Tammy have so many wishes but they are unable to fulfill them all due to their heavy weight. This is where the meme phrase “Try Being My Size Amy” has originated from.

Tammy has used this phrase during an argument with her sister Ammy. As soon as the tagline went viral, people have taken it to various social media platforms. People have praised the chemistry between these two over weighted sisters. Tammy and Ammy have also amused the audience by their similar conversations. If you have missed it, we would suggest you to watch it once.

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Try Being My Size Amy Words

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After getting famous, the meme line is used by TikTok users in many scenarios. Short people are relating themselves to this meme trend a lot. Tall and short friends are recreating the video to entertain their TikTok family. “Try Being My Size Amy” is used as the punch line in the videos, complaining about their size, either about their weight or height.

Some created TikTok video creators have come up with hilarious videos featuring their adorable pets. A video has been rolled from a TikTok account named as @goldenarloandcheech, it features two adorable dogs, a big golden retriever and small puppy complaining about its height. The video is so much fun to watch, it has got millions of views and thousands of hearts from the TikTok users.

Followed by this video, another video featuring a handsome horse has amused the audience. In this video, a horse can be seen standing next to its owner lip-syncing to the viral line “Try Being My Size Amy” the video looks quite authentic as the horse’s lip syncing is quite on spot.

Another heavy weighted user known on TikTok as @thediggybshow has also taken part in the viral video trend. The video captions “When my skinny friend says she looks fat”. The video has amassed thousands of likes from her TikTok fans. Though this meme line is quite funny, but it is really difficult for people who are struggling with obesity. We totally agree with Tammy’s words that “You don’t know how it is”!

Concluding Words

This was all about the famous Try Being My Size Amy TikTok trend. Hope you have got information about how and from where the viral meme got its start.

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