Miso Soup Trend TikTok — What Is It All About?

A new TikTok trend, ‘Miso Soup Trend’ is flaunting across the foryou page and a massive number of content creators are hopping into it. If you are curious to know what this trend is all about, here is everything you need to know.

While soup season is just around the corner, TikTok users are getting obsessed with a soundtrack that says, “I really want some miso soup”. As the trend has gone viral on the video-sharing app, users are curious to know the sound behind this popular track.

Also, the TikTok fam is snooping across the internet to find the origin of this trendy soundtrack. So, are you among these users looking for more details about this TikTok trend? Here is everything you need to know about.

What Is Miso Soup Trend On TikTok?

Image Of What Is Miso Soup Trend On TikTok

TikTok’s popular trend “Miso Soup” has begin after a user named @gnocchi500 uploaded a video. In the video, this viral video creator was seen waving a drum stick as a wand and saying, “Hmm I really want some miso soup”. The video features her as if she was casting a magic spell, and then a magic smoke can be seen rising from the bowl placed in front of her.

As she wishes saying “Hmm I really want some miso soup”, the smoke clears up and a bowl of miso soup appears in front of her on the table. “Oh my god, miso soup,” she added in the latter part of the video. This video has gone viral on TikTok thus thousands of users have come up with their own version of Miso Soup Trend.

Several users have created their own version of Miso Soup Trend, but instead of saying “Hmm I really want some miso soup,” they have replaced the phrase with something they like. As they wish for something they desire, the object appears in front of them.

Whose Voice Is Behind The Miso Soup Trend Track?

Image Of Whose Voice Is Behind The Miso Soup Trend Track

Many users who have stumbled across this video have inquired about the original voice used for this video trend. Well, this sound is being taken from a children’s movie. The sound behind this trend sounds like a young child with a British accent.

While replying to the original video rolled by @gnocchi500 one user wrote in the comment section, “You sound like Rory from Gilmore Girls”. Another added, “You sound like a cartoon character, love it.”

However, the sound that is being featured in the video is the original of @gnocchi500. Some users argue that the song doesn’t belong to @gnocchi500 but it really does. To figure out whether it is the original voice of @gnocchi500 or not, we checked all her videos. And found that she does have a British accent, thus this audio also belongs to her.

The trend starter @gnocchi500 is also a singer. She is also being featured for TikTok’s popular song “Death Bed (Coffee for Your Head)”. She doesn’t only run a TikTok handle but is a full-time singer and has got a lovely voice. Also, this is not the first time she has gone viral on the app.

Earlier in March 2021, she also released a music video for her song “Last Day on Earth”. But instead of using her social media name, she uses her name beabadoobee. The meaning of her name is not known so far but it is mentioned in her TikTok bio.

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Last Words

This was all about the popular Miso Soup Trend from TikTok and the origin of its signature soundtrack. Hopefully, you have got all the information you needed to know.

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