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Are you probing to know about Mumbai Saga Release Date On Amazon Prime? If yes then you have reached the most related space. Keep reading and get to know all details about the recently released movie, Mumbai Saga Release Date On Amazon Prime and much more.

Due to the Covid Pandemic, Entertainment industry all around the world faced a step back. So many movies were supposed to be released in 2020, but due to the crisis, most of them were held back to release after the pandemic. Though the pandemic isn’t over yet, but with the discovery of vaccine the situation seems to move towards normal. So, the previously held movies are all set to release this year.

Audience from the Bollywood industry were waiting for the gangster film Mumbai Saga, and the wait is finally over now. The movie is released on Friday, 19th March 2021. Let’s dive into details to know whether the movie is available on Amazon Prime and other platforms or not. Keep scrolling!

How To Watch Mumbai Saga Movie 

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After waiting for so long, fans are finally able to watch the exciting new gangster film as it is released last week. It features well known names from the Bollywood industry including John Abraham, Emraan Hashmi and the famous Bollywood icon, Suniel Shetty. It is a Hindi movie directed by Sanjay Gupta while it is produced by T-Series.

The story of Mumbai Saga will take you back to 1980’s and 90’s when the Mumbai city was transforming. It has dramatized the harsh realities that occurred in the country during gentrification of Mumbai city.

Though the movie has released but most of the fans are confused about where to watch this film. The movie was meant for the theatrical release as tweeted by the director Sanjay Gupta. He re-tweeted one of his tweet from last year on 21st Feb 2021. The tweet captions, “Reminder of something I said on 02/11/20.”

And the original tweet reads “#MUMBAISAGA We are in the thick of final edits, VFX, BGM, SFX, DI Grading & final sound mixing. Every day with every moment my team & I feel only one common emotion… MUMBAI SAGA BELONGS TO THE THEATRES. It’s been solely & single heartedly made for the big screen experience! Still stand by it.”

After observing the pandemic situation, the movie creators decided to follow a “direct to digital route“. So the movie was to be featured exclusively on Amazon as the rights were sold to Amazon Prime Video for 65 Crores.

And now, Mumbai Saga has opted out of direct OTT releases due to raise in theatrical market and pressure from theatre owner as reported by “OTTSandeep” on Instagram. The film has continued theaters as planned earlier by the creators.

Is Mumbai Saga Available On Amazon Prime?

From the very start Mumbai saga packs in the actions and punches. It is all about thrills, from the fight sequences to the characters’ appearances every scene is created to give you a thrilling experience.

To readers who are confused to know whether to watch this movie or not, it is a little lengthy film with a messy and clichéd story. If you are an action movie fan then you should not think about skipping the movie for previously mentioned flaws.

Further, if you love to watch gangster dramas then this film is surely for you. Mumbai Saga is also garnering praises from the fans who have already watched the film. Thousands of viewers have given positive reviews after watching it.

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Bottom Line

The film is already rolled on, ones who want to watch can get their seats booked right away. Bear in mind that you will never regret watching it

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