Nasal Spray Trend TikTok — Explored

The nasal spray is the recent trend to go viral on TikTok and doctors have warned the users already. If you are among the users eyeing being part of this trend, here is why you must not!

A new day and another bizarre TikTok trend! This is no surprise to witness weird trends on TikTok, thus we are not really surprised to see Nasal Spray Trend. This perilous challenge has started getting traction after several beauty influencers have encouraged their followers to try sprays in order to get a darker tan.

Just recently, we witnessed the milk crate challenge that asked the users to create a staircase using milk crates and climb through it. Well, this proved to be a dangerous one and had injured many users.

A quite similar trend that doctors already have asked to avoid, is making rounds on the internet these days.  This trend asks the users to inhale sprays to get a darker tan. Here is more you need to know about Nasal Tan Spray Trend on TikTok.

What Is The Nasal Spray Trend On TikTok?

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The Nasal Spray Trend on TikTok is a viral trend that involves inhaling tan sprays. The trend has amassed popularity after some viral beauty influencers began endorsing the use of these nasal sprays. These nasal sprays aim at giving a tan.

Many video creators who have used these sprays have claimed that, after they snorted the spray and got some sun exposure, they got a darker tan.

Another reason for the popularity of this TikTok trend is, these sprays are available for users at a cheaper price. Companies are selling them at a price as low as $29.

According to some initial reports these sprays contain some synthetic chemicals including Melanotan or Melanotan II. These chemicals are claimed to work as hormones that our bodies naturally produce.

Seeing the heightening popularity of this trend, several doctors have come forward to talk about how heinous these chemicals are for the human body. Some doctors have even issued warnings against this trend.

According to the doctors, this trend can not only result in infections but also are really dangerous for the human body.

Nasal Spray TikTok

Image Of Nasal Spray TikTok

Although the doctors have highlighted several issues related to these sprays but the most concerning one is, these nasal sprays are not approved by FDA. These sprays are not backed by any health organization across the globe.

Talking about the adverse effects these sprays can have on our health, doctor Teo Soleymani, dermatologist and skin cancer surgeon with UCLA Health stated:

“The problem with these drugs is that they mimic a naturally-produced hormone that’s released by our brain. These hormones have many broad-reaching implications.”

The reports have further revealed that these products contain dangerous ingredients that can cause several side effects. These side affects include vomiting, nausea, and permanent darkening of the skin.

These sprays can also have adverse effects on your sexual health and cause unwanted erections. Some users also have reported issues like blood pressure and kidney disorders. They also can affect mucous membranes and delicate nasal tissues.

Considering the consequences of these sprays, TikTok also has started taking down videos that feature the usage of dangerous nasal sprays.  In a recent statement, TikTok rolled a statement saying, “Our community guidelines make clear what content is allowed on TikTok.

“Our policy on illegal activities and regulated goods prohibits the promotion of nasal tanning sprays. And we have removed the videos that you have shared with us.”

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Last Words

TikTok must take strict precautionary measures to manage content like the Nasal Spray Trends and others. If not controlled, such challenges may have far-reaching consequences on human health.

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