Where To Find The Viral TikTok Owl Romper Dress? Explored

TikTok users are drooling over a viral Owl Romper Dress and many of them are looking to grab theirs, but where exactly can TikTok users find it? Here we have rounded up all the information about why the viral Owl Romper Dress has made the users go crazy.

Alongside being home to viral trends and challenges, TikTok also helps us make purchase decisions. From kitchenware to electronic items and makeup and fashion accessories, you will get details of thousands of trending items on the foryou page of TikTok.

In past also, we have witnessed TikTok’s viral leggings, helmets, eye creams, and several other items go viral overnight across the globe.

 A similar romper dress has been making rounds on the foryou page lately and users are debating on whether or not the color of the romper is golden. Some others are so obsessed with the dress that they are looking to grab theirs, but where to find this viral TikTok Owl Romper Dress? Here is the answer.

TikTok Owl Romper Dress

Image Of TikTok Owl Romper Dress

TikTok users have landed into an unending debate lately following a viral romper dress. Some believe the dress to be of golden color, while several others have an opinion that the color of this romper is blue.

The dress has gone viral after a user named Maruno Machi has posted a video where she can be seen wearing a catchy romper. The romper has an eagle made on it thus the TikTok users have named it ‘Owl Romper Dress’.

Little did Maruno Machi know that this romper will go this far on the video-sharing app. Thousands of users who have watched this video have poured thousands of comments in the comment section inquiring how and from where they can get their hands on the owl romper dress.

The viral romper dress video was posted six days ago with the caption “favorite piece of clothing”. Surely, Maruno’s “favorite piece of clothing” is worth all this hype.

As of now, the video has amassed over 7 million views. Following the popularity of her dress, Maruno explained how and from where she got the dress.

The video creator revealed that she got the dress from Savannah. In the first plot of the viral video, Maruno reviews her dress. In the later part, she spreads the sides of the romper with her hands in the pocket. As she lifts the dress up, the sides of the romper reach her neck making the owl print visible.

Holding the dress, the video creator then walks towards the camera while playing “You want a piece of me, me, me, me” in the background.

How To Get TikTok Owl Romper Dress?

Image Of How To Get TikTok Owl Romper Dress

Everyone on TikTok right now is looking to get the owl romper dress but there is very little information available on the internet about the dress.

Here are some notable comments made by TikTok under the viral owl romper dress:

One user wrote, “Is anyone else frantically looking online for this, or is it just me”.

Another user added, “Not me searching the HUNDREDS OF COMMENTS FOR THE LINK TO THE ACTUAL PANTS!,”

“I’m so disappointed how google has let ALL of us down here!! I NEED this jumpsuit!!, said another.

Revealing from where the users can get this dress, Maruno said, “If you’re in Savannah, GA: Check out Everest Imports at the pavilion on the Riverwalk to see if they have it still!”

The video creator has amassed such popularity that she has launched her own brand that sells owl rompers. She also added a video of her first customer saying “Please enjoy this adorable video of my very excited first customer — my umma I’m finishing up the website and can post a link tomorrow once things are all set up correctly. Thanks for the love and patience.”

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Last Words

This was all about what the viral owl romper dress is and how you can get grab yours. Hopefully, the article was helpful.

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