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The TikTok users have changed the meaning of the Ninja emoji on the video-sharing app and it is being used as a racial slur lately. Here we have boasted all the details about what the ninja emoji meaning on TikTok is and why people are referring to it as a racial slur.

The social media chats, captions, and comments are incomplete without an emoji. Every phrase just seems meaningless if an emoji is not accompanied by it. However, brainy social media users have started referring emojis to as racial slurs and explicit opinions.

If you are an avid user of TikTok, you must have encountered several emojis that are used in offensive terms.

As the users are aware of the community guidelines, they avoid using explicit text and words instead rely on emojis to pass on their message. Alongside using emojis to talk about sexual content, they are also being used to spread hate speech.

Quite similar is the case of Ninja Emoji that users on TikTok have started using it as a racial slur. Here is what actually the TikTok users perceive about the Ninja Emoji.

What Is The Meaning Of Ninja Emoji?

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Well, gone is the time when the ninja emoji was used to explain something related to ninjas. Currently, this emoji is being used by TikTokers instead of the n-word. They are doing so in order to evade TikTok’s filter and get away even after referring to the n-word.  Well, surely the politics of this word are gigantically fraught.

Seeing the massive usage of this emoji, some content creators have started guiding other users to respect black people. They are requesting non-black people avoid using this emoji.

As the usage of this emoji is increasing with every passing day, some users have addressed it over Twitter. Here is what people have to say about the usage of this emoji:

One person wrote, “Why do white girls on TikTok think it’s okay to use the ninja emoji when talking about men?”

Another said, “It be a lot of non-Black girls on TikTok tryna cover up using the N-word by using the ninja 🥷 emoji”.

“Why are non-black people on TikTok using the ninja emoji to reference men??? IDK I don’t like that? wrote another user.

Some other users have an opinion that this emoji may create trouble for users in some circles of the internet.

Ninja Emoji Meaning On TikTok

Image Of Ninja Emoji Meaning On TikTok

Although TikTok has some strict user guidelines and it makes sure to ban sensitive content from the platform. From racism to sensitive content and hate speech, TikTok follows several guidelines to make the platform a safe one for all its users.

However, the brainy TikTok users rely on slang terms and emojis to talk about the restricted terminologies.

The TikTok guidelines about hate speech were made even stricter following the ideologies like white nationalism and white genocide theory. Guidelines were made strict after the presidential election of 2020.  

TikTok has taken several steps to limit white supremacist and neo-Nazi-related content. Talking about the cause TikTok discussed in one of their posts:

“We’re proud that we have already taken steps to keep our community safe, for example, by not permitting content that denies the Holocaust and other violent tragedies.” They further added, “We know there’s always more we can do, which is why we are taking further action to remove misinformation and hurtful stereotypes about Jewish, Muslim, and other communities.”

Even after several attempts to ban such content, users find one way or other to circumvent the rules, the same is the case of the Ninja emoji that is being used in place of the n-word.

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The Last Words

This was all about the meaning of Ninja Emoji on TikTok and all related information. Hopefully, you have found the details you needed to know.

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