Photo Animation Filter TikTok — Here’s How To Get It

TikTok users are pouring thousands of videos using a viral filter named Photo Animation Filter on the video-sharing app. This recent filter has become immensely popular as it is scarily convincing. If you haven’t tried the filter yet, here is all you must know about it.

As we scroll through the Foryou page of TikTok, we come across several new filters and effects every single day. From cartoon filters to shapeshifter filters and GTA filters, TikTok has enabled its users to experience a variety of filters. These filters have played a vital role in making the content creative and engaging. Content creators use a variety of filters to amass new followers and engage the existing ones.

The recent filter that is blowing up the foryou page is Photo Animation Filter. This new filter is enabling the users to see smiles of people who are no more in this world. Yes, you heard it right, using this amazing filter you can witness the smiles of your deceased loved ones one more time and for the rest of your lives.

What Is Photo Animation Filter On TikTok

Image Of What Is Photo Animation Filter On TikTok

As discussed earlier, TikTok Viral Photo Animation Filter is enabling static pictures to blink, smile, and look around. TikTok users are applying this filter on multiple images. Some are experimenting with it on their old pictures while others are trying to witness the smiles of their departed family members.

A similar filter also went viral on TikTok a few months back. This filter was titled “My Heritage” and it became immensely popular. But this wasn’t available on the video-sharing app. This filter was also designed to make the old pictures smile, blink, and look around. This filter also received an overwhelming response from the users. Considering this response, TikTok has now rolled this effect from their own platform. To experience this effect now, you don’t have to download any third-party app.

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How To Use Photo Animation Filter On TikTok

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If you have a working TikTok account, you can easily access this filter by following the below instructions.

  • Initially, update your TikTok account so that you won’t miss any newly rolled update and filter.
  • Tap on the record button by tapping on the + icon located in the center.
  • Then, tap on the option that reads “Effects”.
  • Here, you will find the filter in the trending section of filters.
  • You will get the filter with filter title, “Animation Filter”.
  • If you are unable to spot the filter in the trending section, you may also look for it with the new filters as some users have reported to have this filter in their new filters tab.
  • Once you spot the filter, tap on it and add any image from your gallery that you want to experiment on. You can even experiment this filter on your pets.
  • As you upload the image, apply the filter and you will witness the static pictures looking around, smiling and even smirking.
  • If you are unable to find the filter using above method, you can access it using a different method. To get the effect tap on the discover bar and type Photo Animation Filter. Hite enter and wait for the results to generate.
  • The filter will pop up at the top. Tap on it and try it on any of the pictures from your gallery.
  • The filter icon is a blinking face, with an orange rectangle focusing on the blinked eye.
  • Once you are done recording the video, you are all set to roll it on your TikTok handle.

Last Words

This was all about the viral Photo Animation Filter from the Chinese video-sharing app. Follow us to lay your hands over more viral effects and filters.

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