Riley Hubatka TikTok — Here’s All You Need To Know About

The famous TikTok star Riley Hubatka is said to be dating Bryce Hall after his split with Addison Rae. The rumored pair has responded to all the gossips recently. Know what the duo is up to, here in this article.

Social media users are quite quick to catch on to their favorite stars. They keep all updates like who is meeting whom and who will possibly split their relationship or hook up.

Most recently, users were seen making speculations about Bryce Hall who recently ended his relationship with the TikTok icon Addison Rae. According to the audience, Bryce Hall is dating an emerging TikTok star Riley Hubatka.

Who is Riley Hubatka from TikTok and whether the speculations are on point or not, let’s find out.

Who Is Riley Hubatka On TikTok

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Riley Hubatka is an emerging TikTok star who has risen to fame for her funny short videos and meme clips. This TikTok star is quite popular on the video-sharing platform for her self-titled account. So far, she has amassed around 6 Million followers on TikTok and she is also popular on the photo-sharing app Instagram.

After joining TikTok in July 2019, this popular celebrity has earned a decent number of followers in a short time span. Her Instagram account also is getting quite popular as the number of followers has risen to 2.1 million. On Instagram, Riley mostly posts selfies and other stylized pictures of herself.

She was also seen with Kouvr Annon in one of her videos posted on 18th August 2020. The video became quite popular garnering millions of views. This TikTok star has started her social media journey at a very young age hence is now quite popular among the audience.

Riley Hubatka Bio

Talking about her family, Riley lives with her parents and three sisters. Her father’s name is Larry Hubatka while Kelly Hubatka is her mother. Her three sisters are Audrey, Lucy, and Lily. Riley was born in Portland, Oregon but they moved to Charlotte, North Carolina when she was three years old.

Riley was born on 3rd September 2001 and currently she is 19-years old. She stands quite tall so her height is expected to be around 5 Feet and 5 Inches. The TikToker’s weight isn’t known but she might be around 53 Kgs. 

This popular TikTok star is also popular for her beautiful looks. She has hazel eyes and blond hair that give her a delightful look. Her sense of style also is quite awesome so she is loved immensely by her fans.

How Old Is Riley Hubatka

Image Of How Old Is Riley Hubatka

In some recent days, TikTok users affiliated this emerging star with Bryce Hall but both the stars have responded in a way that these rumors won’t go any further. In a recent TikTok video, Riley and Bryce were spotted together. Replying to a comment made by their fans, the duo laughed at the idea of becoming a couple.

Bryce exclaimed “She’s like my sister!” after they were finished laughing. Bryce then pretends to kiss her to which Riley quickly ducks whilst saying “get his name out of my comments immediately.”

So this way, both the TikTok stars have made it clear that they aren’t in a relationship right now. Though the stars have denied accepting any rumors, fans still want to see them together. Let’s wait and watch whether in the future Riley and Bryce decided to be together or not.

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Last Words

This was all about Riley Hubatka and the rumors surrounding her and Bryce. For now, the duo has opposed the idea of being a couple but that doesn’t necessarily mean it will never happen. Let’s wait and watch!

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