Rachel Ballinger Girlfriend — Here’s All You Need To Know

The famous YouTuber Rachel Ballinger has revealed about her Girlfriend in one of her recent videos. If you have missed what Rachel said in the video, here is all you need to know about.

After Rachel announced about her Girlfriend, fans are wondering to know who this creator’s girlfriend be.  Though Rachel said she has a girlfriend but her identity is yet to be revealed. Some fans have expressed their astonishment as they came to know about Rachel’s sexuality.

Before this, Rachel was in a relationship with a guy named Matt. They remained together for quite a long. Fans got to know about their breakup after Rachel’s sister uploaded a TikTok video in December 2020. In the video, Rachel moved her fingers down when she was asked “put a finger down if you broke up with someone this year”.

Let’s dig in deep to know more about Rachel Ballinger and her Girlfriend.

Who Is Rachel Ballinger

Image Of Who Is Rachel Ballinger

Rachel Ballinger is a famous YouTuber who started her career with her YouTube channel ‘NOVAQUA’ in year 2007. Before she started the YouTube channel she initially appeared on Instagram in 2006. Now she has renamed her YouTube channel to ‘MissRBaller’. Rachel also appears in another YouTube channel of her siblings named The Ballinger Family.

This famous YouTuber is also part of a YouTube series, ‘You Know What Pisses Me Off?’ The series discusses the stupid things she hears from people in a comic way. The series and Rachel got popular because of the funny relatable content.

In most of the episodes she is seen complaining about how people state their unnecessary opinion in every situation. This series remained quite popular in the year 2013. However, she still posts some of episodes that contain sexist comments.

Born on April 5, 1991, she is currently 30 years old. Rachel lives in Santa Barbara, California, United States of America with her three other siblings. This YouTube celebrity is the youngest among her four siblings. All of her siblings including Sister Colleen Ballinger and two twin brothers–Trent and Chris Ballinger are YouTubers. Chris, Rachel’s brother is also famous as a magician.

Furthermore, she is an animal lover and a vegan also. In a recent video while giving an answer to one of her fan’s questions “would you date a non-vegan person if you were single”? She said, “I am dating a non-vegan person but they are very very supportive about my vegan lifestyle.”

Who Is Rachel Ballinger’s Girlfriend

Image Of Who Is Rachel Ballinger's Girlfriend

After being in a relationship for eight years with Matt, Rachel has finally parted her ways. She has announced that she isn’t straight. Also, she has revealed that she has a girlfriend. In one of her Tweets made on 28th February 2021, she said “My girlfriend is really pretty”.

As soon as her fans heard about this news they became curious to know more about Rachel’s girlfriend. Here are some of Tweets made by her fans,

A user named @Kayla tweeted, “And I wanna see her…. CAUSE ANYONE WHO GETS TO DATE RACHEL IS… ELITE and I’m Jealous”. “Hope this isn’t too personal a question, but are you planning on doing a story time video about when and how you told your family? Their reactions? If you don’t want to, cool beans, but I’m genuinely curious. Ur family is so supportive and loving”, wrote another.

So far, Rachel hasn’t talked much about her Girlfriend and we also find it unethical to poke her for not revealing anything about her love. We just hope to see Rachel and her Girlfriend together someday and if she’s not ready to reveal anything yet, we respect that too.

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Last Words

Though there isn’t any confirmed information about Rachel’s Girlfriend, we hope that Rachel will let her fans know more about her personal life soon. Till then we have to wait and hope they last long.

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