Rainbow Wave Filter — Here’s How To Get It

The latest colorful filter to go viral on TikTok is the Rainbow Wave Filter. As the name suggest, Rainbow Wave Filter will prettify your videos and pictures by sprinkling some rainbow colors on it. Here is more about this colorful effect from TikTok.

TikTok filters are amazing tools to beautify your pictures and videos. Best part about them is that, you can face the camera without fear of being judged for your acne marks and pigments. You don’t even have to wear any makeup as filters can proudly perform that function for you. Furthermore, these filters are easy to access and use.

Currently, users on TikTok are obsessed with the most colorful filter of TikTok. Rainbow Wave Filter is making rounds on the Foryou page. Here’s all you need to know about this awesome effect.

What Is Rainbow Wave Filter On TikTok

Image Of What Is Rainbow Wave Filter On TikTok

As the name suggest Rainbow Wave Filter is a colorful filter that makes the user appear like a Goddess. With a constantly shifting wave of multiple colors it looks more like a colorful rainbow. Using this filter you don’t have to struggle with LED lights. Rainbow Wave Filter gives your pictures and videos a life that they truly deserve.

This filter will boost your confidence to post your long awaited pictures and videos. Yes, the time is now, open your phone’s gallery select the picture that you always wanted to upload but delayed because of the poor light effect or your visible acne marks. Apply the filter and roll it to your TikTok family with 100% confidence.

If you are an artist then you can use this filter to stun the world. The Rainbow Wave Filter will add value to your artwork and I bet that you will get obsessed with it. If you haven’t used this filter yet, then here is how to access this filter on the Chinese video-sharing application, TikTok.

How To Use The Rainbow Wave Filter On TikTok

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To get the filter on TikTok, open your updated TikTok app and head towards the “Effects” section. Now tap on the “New” option and swipe through the effects until you get a filter with a man standing in front of the mirror, with an image waving its hand as a filter icon. Once you get the effect, you can now prettify your pictures with variant color waves moving from top to bottom.

Another thing you will need to nail this trend is the soundtrack available on TikTok as Jxmez999 — Mackenzie Smith. Tap on the record button; select the Filter previously accessed from the effects gallery, Import the soundtrack and now you are ready to rock. In the end, don’t forget to add the hashtag Rainbow Wave Filter to reach the maximum audience.

Rainbow Wave Filter TikTok 2021

TikTok content creators are loving this new filter as it turns a simple video/picture into a masterpiece. Every single picture will look like a piece of art. Some creative heads from TikTok have even come up with the new version of silhouette challenge using this filter. The videos truly look astonishing.

The best thing about this filter is that you can come up with your own version of the anime silhouette challenge. Yes, you heard it right! you don’t have to spend hours creating the anime silhouette challenge.

One user named on TikTok as @noahraheel has uploaded his anime silhouette challenge and it looks so real. The caption of his video reads, “And people spent hours doing this”.  This video has racked up millions of views along with 202K hearts more than 2K shares on the platform.

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Bottom Line

This is how you can access and use the viral Rainbow Wave Filter from TikTok. Share your experience in the below comment box if you have already used the effect.

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