Sweet Home Alabama Meme – A Dark Meme From TikTok

Sweet Home Alabama Meme is the darkest meme of TikTok we have ever heard so far. Though the song “Sweet Home Alabama” is quite a normal song but TikTok users have used this song to indicate incest on TikTok. Here is more about this viral dank meme.

If you are an avid user of TikTok, then you would be aware of the occurrence for dark and inappropriate jokes and challenges on TikTok. From skullbreaker challenge to racist jokes and the recently banned Sundress challenge, TikTok users have seen all these bizarre trends and jokes.

Following all these weird trends, the latest dark meme that has become a bandwagon is the Sweet Home Alabama Meme. Some users have considered it a racist joke, while many others have accused it of being inappropriate.

Twitter users have even requested the TikTok authorities to ban all the videos revolving around this inappropriate joke.

What Is Sweet Home Alabama Meme

The Sweet Home Alabama Meme is perceived differently by different users. For some, it is an incest joke while many others have perceived it as a racist joke. According to the urban dictionary, it is being used to refer to social media influencers who encourage unhealthy relationships with their fans.

It mainly refers to young social media users as they are considered to have a relationship with the influencers because of consuming a massive amount of influencer’s content. This sounds weird but it is what some people perceive it as.

The reason behind the massive popularity of this meme is the YouTube family. Content creators on YouTube have used this meme plenty of times. So, their fans have copied these words and are pasting these in the comment section of TikTok videos.

Sweet Home Alabama Meme Meaning

Sweet Home Alabama is a song released in 1974 by Lynyrd Skynyd. This song was written in reply to Neil Young’s famous songs “Southern Man” and “Alabama”.

Both these songs by Neil addressed the themes of racism and slavery in the American South. The purpose behind acquainting you with this information is that there is no reference to incest in the lyrics of Sweet Home Alabama.

The lyrics of this song go like below,

One, two, three

Turn it up

Big wheels keep on turnin’

Carry me home to see my kin

Singin’ songs about the south-land

I miss Alabamy once again and I think it’s a sin, yes

However, there is no information about why TikTok users have used this song as an indicator of incest jokes mostly aimed at Southern people. Many internet users have been trying to figure out the secret by going through the lyrics but none of them have reached to the conclusion.

This dark joke has offended many internet users but there are also thousands of people who have continued to hop on the bandwagon. On the other side, Twitter users have teamed up to speak against this bizarre meme. They also have requested TikTok to take action.

Origin Of The Meme

Though there isn’t any confirm news about the meme’s origin, but according to HashtagHyena, the first person to post these memes on YouTube was a YouTube channel named sweetboimemes. This meme channel has posted plenty of Sweet Home Alabama memes starting from November 2018.

Following these YouTube videos, another YouTuber “Whiztv” came up with a video interpreting the meme. He garnered more than 60,000 views on this video. Currently, the meme has become massively popular and the song is perceived as a dark joke.

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Concluding Words

As Sweet Home Alabama Meme offends many internet users, they have asked the TikTok authorities to take action. Let’s wait and watch how TikTok is going to handle this trend.

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