Who Is Blue Hoodie Girl On Twitter? Viral Meme Girl Explored

The Blue Hoodie Girl has become an instant meme on Twitter after a video went viral on the bird app. Who is this Blue Hoodie Girl on Twitter? Why is she going viral on the internet? We have pieced together all available details here. Have a look!

In a viral video dubbed by a smoothie shop employee, a customer was seen throwing a drink at them. The video has got traction on the internet and the Blue Hoodie Girl another person featured in the video has turned into an instant meme.

Users are also talking about Karen, but what has Karen got to do with this viral video? Let’s dive in deep to know what exactly has happened and why are Twitter users talking about the Hoodie Girl.

What Happened In The Viral Smoothie Video

Image Of What Happened In The Viral Smoothie Video

A video featuring a customer throwing a smoothie at an employee in Robeks smoothie shop in Cincinnati floated on TikTok. The video initially garnered over 16 million views but was later removed from the platform.

According to the Independent and a report from Fairfield Police Department, the customer throwing smoothie is identified as James Iannazzo. The reports claimed that James Iannazzo ordered a drink for his son at the Robeks smoothie shop, his son suffered from a severe peanut allergy.

James Iannazzo argues that he clearly mentioned not to add peanut butter in the drink, however, the shop’s employees are not ready to accept it. There is a discrepancy between James and the staff about whether he mentioned not to add the peanut butter in the drink or not.

Nonetheless, the smoothie shop served the drink that contained peanut butter and his son suffered a severe allergic reaction. He was then taken to the hospital and James returned to the Smoothie shop employees to ask about their negligence.

The video sees James entering the smoothie shop in anger and all of sudden he tried to breach a staff-only entrance. The employees tried to address his rage saying they are unaware of who made the drink for his son. The staff further asks the angry father to file a complaint to the franchise’s corporate office.

The angry man expresses his anger by throwing a drink towards the employees but the drink struck the ‘blue hoodie girl’ on her shoulder.

Following the incident, on 22nd January, James wrote a statement where he apologized for his actions. He wrote in the statement that he “deeply regretted his statement and actions during a moment of extreme emotion”.

Blue Hoodie Girl Meme

Image Of Blue Hoodie Girl Meme

As the video went viral, people have praised how the blue hoodie girl had handled the situation. Several users have referred her to a ‘legend’ while others are wishing her success.

Many Twitter users have given their reactions to the video and all of them are seen talking about the blue hoodie girl.

One user wrote, “In a world full of Karens, be a blue hoodie girl.”

Another said, “The blue hoodie girl deserves to succeed in life.”

“That blue hoodied girl didn’t even flinch. Absolute legend”, added another.

Following the incident, the Robeks spokeswoman has come forward to address the issue. In the statement, he wrote, “At Robeks, our priority is to protect both store team members and guests. The company and its franchisees have a zero-tolerance policy for this type of behavior and we are thankful the franchisee’s team members weren’t physically hurt.”

James is being charged with intimidation based on bigotry or bias, breach of the peace, and criminal trespass. He is obliged to appear in court next month.

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Last Words

This was all about who the legendary blue hoodie girl on Twitter is and how she has turned to an instant meme on the internet. Hopefully, you have found all the information you were looking for.

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