What Do Lightning Rods Do In Minecraft — Explained

Our all-time favorite game Minecraft has come up with some new features, among which fans are curious to know about the Lightning Rods and what do they do. If you have no idea about these new features, get on board and learn all about the Lightning Rods and their functionality in the game field.

The game developers of Minecraft keep on pushing new updates to the game in order to stick the players with their screens. These new updates spice up the game field and keep the players engaged without letting them get bored.

Following its old tradition, the game has now rolled the much-awaited update. The new 1.17 Caves & Cliffs update is now live, and the players from all around the globe are curious to learn about many of the newly rolled features.

Among several other new updates, the lightning rod is also all set to be added to it. Let’s discover what Do Lightning Rods Do In Minecraft.

What Are Lightning Rods In Minecraft

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Lightning Rods In Minecraft are officially added as part of the 1.17 update. These were later added to the snapshot version 20w45a of Minecraft where their texture was changed that resembled more of copper blocks in the succeeding version 20w46a update.

As the name suggests, the very first purpose of lightning rods in Minecraft is to avert lightning. To be more specific, it keeps the lightning away from mobs, villagers, objects, and highly flammable objects.

The Lightning Rods also enable the players to build the exterior of their houses with a greater range of materials. It helps them overcome the worry of massive fires in case of lightning storms.

The Rods block and redirect the lightning strikes in 32 block radius (64 blocks on Bedrock edition) away from their intended target and captures it into the lightning rod directly. When struck by lightning, the Rod glows a bright-hot white light.

Along with saving your houses from lightning strikes it also sends out a redstone signal when gets encounter with thunder. So, this is the best feature you can avail and use when troubled by bad weather.

Players from every corner of the world have found this feature really useful and most of them are trying to craft lightning objects as much as they can in order to project their flammable objects.

How To Craft What Do Lightning Rods

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Crafting the lightning rods is quite simple. If you are unable to craft them so far, here is how to get your hands on it.

The Initial item required to make lightning rods in Minecraft is Copper Ingot. Players must have three Copper Ingots to craft the rods.

Now the question is, how to get Copper Ingots? Well, it is quite simple. To do so, you have to get Copper Ores and put them inside a furnace.

Once you have successfully got the Copper Ingots the next thing you need to do is visit a crafting table. Here, you have to proceed with a 3×3 crafting grid.

Following this, you have to align all the three Copper Ingots crafted previously, in the center of the 3×3 grid vertically. This will now allow you to confirm and make the lightning rod.

The next step is to use the rods wisely. Note that, you must place the rods while bearing in mind that it will only protect around a 32-block radius (64 on bedrock edition). The best location to place a lightning rod is inside a village. By doing so, you will save the villagers from turning into witches.

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This was all about the latest update of Minecraft and What Do Lightning Rods Do In Minecraft. Hopefully, you have got all the information you needed to know.

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