What Does Copper Do In Minecraft — All You Need To Know

With the latest 1.17 Caves and Cliffs update, several new materials have arrived. This article will elaborate on what is copper and What Does it Do In Minecraft. Stay Tuned!

As Minecraft has rolled the new update 1.7: Caves and Cliffs, several new materials have been added to the gameplay. Among these materials, Copper and Lightning Rods are becoming immensely popular among the players.

The Lightning Rods perform the function of averting lightning and saving the flammable objects from setting on fire while Copper is another beautiful-looking block. You can use this mineral to build your factory or warehouse.

There is an exciting thing about this mineral and that is, it turns green over time as it’s naturally exposed to the elements. So, veteran players adore this feature a lot, long term players can also celebrate their turquoise trophies. However, whatever you decide to build with this greening mineral, it will look exceptional.

Let’s find out what exactly is copper in the new update and what does it do in the Minecraft.

What Is Copper In Minecraft

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Copper is a newly added in-game material that can be used to make creative builds like factories and warehouses. This material can also be used to craft another new feature i.e. lightning rods. Having a characteristic of attracting light, copper can be placed on the top of buildings or high areas. Hence it will work as a semi-defensive object.

It will also help you save your house from thunderstorms. Once crafted and placed in an appropriate location, the lightning rod will save the wooden houses from burning down by light striking.

This lightning rod must be placed at top of a stone block to earth electricity. Whenever lightning strikes the rod, it will create a Redstone signal.

Besides Lightning rods, you can also create other key items using copper ingots, among these is a spyglass. In order to craft this item, players will need copper ingots and one Minecraft amethyst shard. Also, note that amethyst is another item being rolled in the latest Caves and Cliffs update.

Once you are able to craft a Spyglass using copper ingots, you will be able to zoom in and focus on a specific point in your field of view. Players must know that their walking speed will slow down while looking into the lens. Likewise, Copper can even be used to craft tools, armor, and possibly machinery when needed.

Let’s check how to craft this extremely useful item in the Minecraft.

How To Use Copper In Minecraft

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If you are having trouble to craft Copper in Minecraft, here is how you can do it.

The copper can be mined from ore veins under the ground. The mining of copper exactly resembles that of other similar metals. Like other metal ores, they can break when dropped.

The important point to note here is that Raw copper or copper ore can be mined with Silk Touch Minecraft enchantment. To mine it, players must have to have at least a stone pickaxe or harder object.

Players can also have their hands on copper in Deepslate copper ore. But bear in mind that, the Deepslate copper ore is quite difficult to break. In order to create ingots for crafting, players will have to smelt down their ores using a Minecraft blast furnace.

Once mined, you can use copper in several areas from building factories and warehouses to craft tools, armor, and machinery. Hence, it is a primary item to craft several crucial tools.

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Last Words

This was all about Copper and ways to Use Copper In Minecraft. Hopefully, the information provided here will help you craft several useful tools.

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