Skinny Jeans And Side Parts — Gen-Z Mocking Millennials

Gen Z is on a new mission to mock the Millennials for their Skinny Jeans And Side Parts. But the Millennials don’t seem happy with the judgmental youth. Here is all you need to know about the trending controversy between the young teens and the Millennials.

Being a universally spread application, the video sharing TikTok app is being used by people from almost every age group. Young teens, adults and older one all of them are obsessed with scrolling the Foryou page. Though minors are not allowed to join the community but in most of cases we have seen them peeking from their parent’s or sibling’s accounts.

Considering the age groups, there is variety of content on the app. All you have to do is follow the accounts that are grounded on the content you like. You can get some recent hit tracks and also the songs that were famous in late 80’s and early 90’s.

Currently, the Millennials are being judged on the basis of their skinny pants and side part hairs. Here is how the old generation reacted to this judgement by the TikTok youth. Keep scrolling!

What Is Skinny Jeans And Side Parts On TikTok About

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According to the young teens, if you do a side part with your hair and wear skinny jeans, then you are old. They are trying to give fashion advice to their elders. According to them the skinny jeans and side-parted hair are old fashioned now. So, whoever (Even if the youngsters) follow this trend, they look old.

They have also started judging people on the basis of their choice of emojis. If you are using the crying laughing emoji, then apparently you are old. Now that sounds crap! How can you decide someone’s age on the basis of their emoji choice? That’s totally insane.

This is how the cold war between Gen Z and Millennials has begun. If you have a side-parted hairstyle but your birthday says you are Gen Z then you will be considered as Millennials. According to the youth of TikTok, it’s not your age that decides whether you’re Millennial or not. It the style that says it all.

Skinny Jeans And Side Parts TikTok

Image Of Skinny Jeans And Side Parts TikTok

As soon as the old members of TikTok, heard about this opinion they have started defending their choices. They have also taken the case to Twitter and other social media platforms. One user said “Today I found out I was old for wearing skinny jeans, using the “😂” emoji, and parting my hair on the side :/”

We are not getting favorable responses from the old members of TikTok. Some of the Millennials are mocking the Youngsters for teaching them the fashion sense. According to them the youngsters are talking about those who are paying for their weird, baggy jeans and dumb haircuts.

Gen Z on the other hand are stuck on the same stance. They want their parents to go for a mid-split hair and baggy jeans. The older generation has talked about this mid-split too. According to them this hairstyle also belongs to late 80’s. They have also told the youngsters that the baggy jeans were also something they wore in 80’s and 90’s. Infact all these trends are making a comeback.

At the end, millennials seem to stand with their own choices. A user has shared a video saying this hairstyle and skinny jeans are their team uniform and they will wear it with pride. They have raised the slogan of “Proud members of OldTok”

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Final Thoughts

This was all about some recent Judgmental opinions from Gen Z and the reaction form OldTok members. Hope the Skinny Jeans And Side Parts controversy makes sense to you now.

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