Drop It On My Car TikTok — All About The Viral Trend

If you are a live user of TikTok then you might have seen your Foryou page loaded with Drop It On My Car TikTok videos. Want to know what this trend is all about and how it evolved? If yes, then you are on the most related site. Keep reading and get to know about this viral TikTok trend.

Since its launch, TikTok has been entertaining us with its viral trends. The hit tracks, viral dance moves and the funny skits are what attracts the users. Initially, the TikTok content was mainly comprised of lip sync video, that might contain some jokes, a movie dialogue or some viral sound tracks.

But now, as more and more people are joining the app, the content is evolving. People are now coming up with creative ideas that are attracting more and more users.

TikTok challenges even have made the flop songs go hit. Sea shanties have remained user’s favorite last month. People love to see old songs making comeback on the video sharing app, and this is reason why these sound tracks go viral on internet.

Currently, TikTok users are obsessed with another sound track from 2018 that makes them do some shaky moves. Want to know more about this sound track and the challenge? Keep scrolling 🙂

What Is Drop It On My Car Challenge On TikTok

Image Of What Is Drop It On My Car Challenge On TikTok

Drop It On My Car Challenge is just another addition to the viral sound tracks of TikTok. The challenge features a song from 2018. It is sung by Ski Mask the Slump God; this is the reason why some users call it “ski mask the slump god challenge”

Thousands of users have already participated in the challenge while some are still wondering to know how the challenge can be completed. The challenge is quite easy to complete but you will need a partner to nail it.

There also is a secret behind the name of this challenge. The featured song playing in the background might sound as “Drop It On My Car” but the lyrics say something else. Curious to know what actually the lyrics say? Well, read the proceeding paragraphs to know what the secret.

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How To Do Drop It On My Car TikTok Challenge

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Completing the challenge is quite simple, all you have to do is look for a video with the hash tag Drop It On My Car TikTok, import the music and hold the record button. Then, you have to start with a slow-mo, pretending as if you are moving the car’s steering. Following this you have to do the other signature dance moves that are quite easy to perform.

To all of the TikTok users who have heard it as “Drop It On My Car”, here is the full lyrics,

Okay, okay, alright, huh

Oh, mmm, okay, haha

Nigga dropped his phone

Woah, Kenny

Uh, okay, baby, be callin’ me Hercules

‘Cause the H on my waist, but this bitch here stand for Hermes

 O-o-okay, I done popped me a perky

‘Cause I heard it help with the pain,

 but just help my backaches

Okay, uh, baby, don’t hurt me

Let’s begin after three ’cause a nigga like foreplay

Uh, uh, uh, uh, okay

Drippin’ like I just took a shit and clogged toilet

Captain Long John Silver, I’m gonna reel ’em in

Got on goat fur cream color coat from Burberry’s Den

I’m a monster with a nice watch on, name not Ben 10

I’ma go get everything Mother Earth transcends

Skrrrt, uh, uh, drop it on my c**k

Skrrrt, I’ma h-hot nigga, no pot,

niggas still gettin’ buns, hot dogs

Skrrrt, niggas not fuckin’ with ya, coleslaw

Please take shelter, spit it like a pronounced letter

Beat too hard, sir Spoonin’ yo’ bitch like I just pulled out a yogurt

Three bitches three different colors, Powerpuff girls, sir

What’s the word? (Yerr)

Concluding Words

This was all about the trending Drop It On My Car TikTok challenge. Hope you have got enough information about the viral challenge. Follow us to learn more about social media hypes.

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