Some Twitch Streamers Didn’t Get Their Recap — Here’s Why

Twitch streamers are pouring complaints on Twitter and several other social media platforms as some of them didn’t get their Twitch recap. Here we have provided the reason why they are unable to find their Twitch wrapped 2021 feature.

Following the famous year-in-rewind feature launched by Spotify, all social media platforms are enabling their users to glance back at their activities throughout this past year. The Twitch 2021 feature enables the users to look at their favorite channels and categories they have interacted with most during the past years.

This recap of users is sent to the email addresses on which their Twitch account is registered. Although thousands of Twitch users have shared the stats with their followers but there also are few who are unable to spot that particular email in their inboxes. If you are among such Twitch users, here we have gathered the reasons why you aren’t able to get this update.

Why Didn’t Some Twitch Streamers Get Any Recap Email?

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The foremost reason why you might not have got your email is, your email isn’t active now. If the email you have registered your Twitch account with is not active, then most probably you have missed the required email.

The reason why you are not able to spot the email in your inbox is that you haven’t turned on your marketing notifications option on your Twitch account.

Make sure you have checked all the below requirements in order to get your year’s recap.

Check the status of your registered email account.

Launch your Twitch account, open the settings tab, and head towards the ‘Notification’ tab. In the notification tab, you will witness an option that reads, ‘Marketing’. Alongside the ‘Marketing’ option you will see a toggle that must be enabled in order to get the email.

If you have not received the email even after checking all the above requirements, search for ‘Twitch recap’ in your inbox.

Check your spam email folder, if you still are not able to spot the email, get in touch with Twitch support.

In one of their recent Tweets, Twitch has explained the way you can lay your hands over the Recap feature. The Tweet reads,

“You did a lot on Twitch this year, and we’ve got the recaps to prove it.

To make sure you get yours this week:

Go to your Twitch settings.

 Check that you’re opted in to Twitch Marketing Emails

Get your recap and rejoice.”

Replying to this Tweet several users have claimed that they haven’t received their recap.

How To See Twitch Recap?

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While answering the complaints made by the users, Twitch wrote, “We’re seeing some confusion about the recap. In order to receive the Recap, you had to opt-in for marketing emails prior to them being sent”.

“Unfortunately, we aren’t able to manually re-send recaps. If you opted in, check your inbox and spam folder in the coming hours!” they continued.

The reason why some of you haven’t received your recap is, your marketing notifications were turned off while the emails were sent out.

Twitch users who have received their recap have poured love-filled messages for the feature. One user wrote, “Thank you to everyone who watched the stream this year! It was so much fun playing these games and chatting with you all. You’re all amazing viewers and I really appreciate your support.”

“Didn’t get to stream as much as I wanted to this year, but I loved every second. Thanks for being so damn cool to me, Mischief”, wrote another.

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Bottom Line

This was all about why some twitch streamers didn’t get their recap and the possible ways to get their year-in-rewind. Hopefully, this piece of writing has helped you get all the details regarding your concern.

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