Staplesandglue TikTok: All About The Viral Cosplay Costume

A TikTok user named Staplesandglue is making rounds on the foryou page for her amazing Cosplay Costume. If you have missed this video, here is all we know about this viral video.

TikTok is mainly popular for its viral dance challenges and funny videos, but content creators are also obsessed with games like Pokemon. Users have also rolled thousands of videos related to the Nintendo franchise. The popular Pokemon hashtag has earned a staggering 14.6 billion views so far.

The hashtag #Pokemon has started flaunting across TikTok once again as a user named Staplesandglue has flaunted a viral video. In the video, this popular content creator can be seen wearing an impressive Cosplay costume. Pokemon fans have loved the video hence the video’s popularity is touching the skies. Here is more about Staplesandglue’s viral TikTok video and the reactions it has received so far.

Who Is Staplesandglue On TikTok

Image Of Who Is Staplesandglue On TikTok

Staplesandglue is a popular content creator from the Chinese video-sharing app. She has whopping 137,000 followers on the platform. Staplesandglue’s real name is Jenn and the content she creates involves comedy, trending, art, and cosplay videos.

As reported by HITC, Staplesandglue is currently 27-year-old. Though all of her videos are quite popular among the users, her recent video has broken all the previous records. The viral video showcases a Cosplay costume that has attracted millions of Pokemon fans. This viral video has amassed a huge 6.4 million views.

If you are an avid user of TikTok, you might have witnessed Staplesandglue showing off her catchy Golbat cosplay costume. For the users who don’t know what Golbat is, it is a flying-type Pokémon that resembles a Bat. Further, it is designed in a mix of blue and purple colors.

The video begins when one of her friends sends a text saying “Ok Jenn, hear me out,” along with a funny photo of Golbat wearing fishnet tights. To this Staplesandglue replies, “Stop it I already have a blue bodysuit.”

Right after this, she can be seen running to create the costume shown in the image using paper and spray paint. The last part of the video showcases her wearing the Golbat in a fishnets costume. This Cosplay Costume has racked up an enormous reaction from the users.

Staplesandglue Viral Video

Image Of Staplesandglue Viral Video

Staplesandglue’s viral video has amazed the Pokemon fans and they have poured millions of hearts on the snippet. People have also poured thousands of comments expressing how amazingly she has created the look. They are also flooding her comment section to express their pleasure.

The TikTok users have also shared the video on other social platforms making it a big hit. Most of the Pokemon fans believe that she has created a masterpiece. Many added that they have never experienced such an amazing Cosplay Costume in their entire life, plus the way she has designed it, cannot be considered something ordinary.

Staplesandglue’s fans have given thousands of reactions to her recent viral video. Here are some of the reactions made by her fans:

One TikTok user said, “I am legitimately impressed.” While another added, “It is 7:50 am on August 14th and this is the first thing I saw after waking up. I wish every day could be this incredible”.

Another fan said, “This was a masterpiece, thank you.”

This viral video has impressed Pokemon fans from every corner of the globe. If you haven’t watched this video yet, you must visit @Staplesandglue to watch this amazing video.

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Bottom Line

This was all about the viral video rolled by Staplesandglue on TikTok. This popular video has impressed millions of Pokemon fans, you must not miss the snippet if you are a Pokemon fan. Happy Scrolling!

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