What Is Audius? TikTok’s New Music Streaming Partner

Thousands of users are curious to know what Audius is, as the popular video-sharing app partners with a music streaming service named Audius. Although, we all are familiar with Spotify and Apple Music what exactly is “Audius”? let’s find out.

TikTok is known for its popular soundtracks, dance, and funny videos. It is constantly rolling new features and services to enhance its users’ experience. They have also worked on their User Interface to make it user-friendly. If you are a regular scroller of the app, you might have witnessed several major changes on the app.

Currently, news explaining TikTok’s partnership with Audius is blowing the internet. Being unaware of this music streaming service users are looking for the details on the internet. If you are among these users, here we have collected all the information about Audius and its partnership with the social media giant TikTok.

What Is Audius On TikTok

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Audius is known as a ‘crypto-powered music streaming service. This music streaming service functions quite similar to Spotify or Apple Music but you might not be aware of it if you are an avid user of the previously described music services.

Though Audius is not popular among the users, it seems like this new streaming platform is now making its headway into the mainstream. This music service started in 2018. The official website of Audius describes itself as a brand-new streaming platform built for all musicians, not just those signed to labels.”

The platform further promises HQ audio at 320kbps and also works on crypto-power, using blockchain technology. Now, you might be thinking what blockchain technology actually is, well, it is a new technology using which users can confirm transactions without a need for a central clearing authority.”

As reported by “Rolling Stone”, “Crypto” is a buzzword in today’s world. This previously described website further reports that Audius has become popular in the last year. It further states that Audius had less than a million monthly active users in January. But now boasts over five million in August.

TikTok Partners With A New Music Streaming Service

Image Of TikTok Partners With A New Music Streaming Service

After getting aware of what Audius is, you must be thinking about how this music streaming platform will work on TikTok. Let’s find it out.

The co-founder of Audius Forrest Browning talked about the partnership of Audius with TikTok. In one of his interviews, he revealed that “Any artist can take a song they already have on Audius and just export it over to TikTok in one click.”

He further continued, “A common way that unsigned artists get their stuff up there right now is by holding their phone up to a laptop while it plays their song, and they add it as background music. It’s not great.”

It seems like Auduis has experienced the growing name of TikTok hence the partnership has begun. This partnership will benefit the users as it will be easy for the users to access a vast variety of music.        

While talking about the ease of sharing, Audius’ co-founder and CEO, Roneil Rumburg said, “The artists we’ve been talking to want to find better ways to connect the following they’ve built up on TikTok to other places where they can monetize their work better.”

The partnership seems to benefit the users as the platform sees some pretty big names. You will find tracks of some big names including Skrillex, Weezer, deadmau5, Russ, Diplo, and Disclosure.

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Last words

This was all about what Audius is and how the partnership between TikTok and this music streaming service will work. Hopefully, you have got all the available information about this new partnership.

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