Who Is Megancreid21 On TikTok — Story Of Nosy Neighbors

A user named Megancreid21 has become popular on TikTok after sharing videos of her nosy neighbors but who she actually is and what her neighbors want? Here is all you must know about the viral TikTok users and her nosy next-doorers.

TikTok never fails to amaze its users with weird stories. From stories of time travelers to zombie women, the video-sharing platform has been sharing some astonishing things from every corner of the world. In a recent viral video thread, a user has documented her feud with the people living next to her. The viral video depicts how Megancreid21 struggles to avoid spying on neighbors.

If you have missed this video on the video-sharing app, here is all about who Megancreid21 on TikTok is and what her viral video tells about. Stay tuned!

What Happened Between Megancreid21 And The Neighbor?

Image Of What Happened Between Megancreid21 And The Neighbor.

People on TikTok are baffled after watching the viral video shared by a TikTok user named Megan Reid known on the app as Megancreid21. Megancreid21 has documented her snooping neighbors in her recent videos.

Megan Reid claims that her neighbors have set up several cameras in the video, all spying on her house. While sharing the viral snippet, Megan Reid told her followers that, “When your crazy neighbor has five cameras pointed at your front door/driveway … you put up a clothesline.”

In the comments section of her viral video, Megan further revealed that her fiancé has been living at the property for ten years while she is staying here for five years. She further added that it has been 3 years since her neighbors have started spying on her.

As soon as the video went viral, Megan’s TikTok account has become immensely popular among users. Her TikTok account has now reached a followers count of over 25k.

The TikTok users are really baffled to witness the feud between Megan and her neighbors. To create a safe and private space for herself and her fiancé, Megan has hung up a washing line complete with towels and bedsheets. The whole scenario looks quite irritating but this is how Megan survives with her crazy neighbors.

Nosy Neighbor TikTok

Image Of Nosy Neighbor TikTok

Megan’s followers seem absorbed in her videos as they have been showing their concern in the comment section. Some followers have shown their concern while many others are making hilarious comments in the comment section.

As one user has found the video pretty hilarious he wrote, “The more I see these types of videos the more I want to buy a piece of land far from everyone.”

While another tried to mock the content creator saying, “Why are they so obsessed with y’all? Lol.”

Considering it a serious issue one user appreciated how Megan bears this attitude every day. He wrote, “I don’t know how you guys can keep your cool with her. I’d lose it if that was my neighbor.”

Another user found the feud funny and wrote, “I just don’t understand why you would have the energy to do all that to spy. U must be interesting (laughing emoji).”

Megancreid21 Viral Video

The viral battle videos of Megancreid21 have stunned her followers. The majority of her fans have found the video funny, while very few are appreciating Megan for being patient with such pathetic neighbors.

However, the viral videos have made Megan quite popular and currently, she stands with staggering 25K followers. Users have also taken these videos to many other social media platforms making them a big hit.

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Bottom Line

This was all from Megancreid21’s viral video and her crazy neighbors. Hopefully, you have got all the available information you need to know.

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  1. The neighbour is Sharon Bland Lewiston NY, she thinks everyone is out to get her. She has videos posted on Facebook too showing herself filming Megan’s yard.


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