How To Collect A Weapon While Sliding In Fortnite Week 2 Challenge?

As the Epic Games has rolled the week 2 challenge in Fortnite, players are looking to know how exactly they can collect a weapon while sliding. If you are among the players getting into trouble while collecting the weapon, here we have rounded up all the tricks. Stay tuned and nail the challenge like a pro.

With every season Fortnite rolls some incredible challenges for the players to spice up the game field, glue the players to their screens whilst providing tons of XP. This time the popular game series has tricked the users with a canny challenge. The week 2 challenge in Fortnite is asking the players to collect a weapon while sliding, Confused? Don’t worry we are here for help.

This article aims at helping the players to find how they are required to collect a weapon while sliding in the Fortnite week 2 challenge. So, without wasting any more time, let’s get started.

While Sliding How Can I Collect A Weapon In Fortnite Week 2 Challenge?

To complete the latest challenge, the Fortnite players are required to pull off an important move this week. Doing so, will help them boost their Exp total.

In order to get some extra Exp, the players are required to collect a weapon while sliding during a live Battle Royale session.

Adding the sliding during Chapter 3 Season 1, Epic Games has made it a skill that the gamers can do across the map. This skill is mainly used to level up your character’s speed and help evade enemy fire. Also, while sliding you will also possess the skills to shoot and build.

But how exactly can a player pull off this move? Well, all you are required to do is, hold the crouch button while running to begin a slide, whether running downhill or not.

Collect A Weapon While Sliding In Fortnite Week 2 Challenge

Although sliding to collect a weapon is not a much more difficult task, you may have to follow different instructions according to the platform you are playing on.

We have provided the tricks to complete the challenge on all platforms including PC, PlayStation, and Xbox. Have a look!

How to collect a weapon while sliding in Fortnite week 2 challenge on PC:

Players who are playing the game on PC will be required to collect a weapon while sliding by running in the right direction pressing Ctrl and then clicking E to pick up the weapon of choice.

How to collect a weapon while sliding in week 2 challenge on PlayStation:

The PlayStation players can pull off this move by running in any direction and pressing the Right Analogue button, and then pressing the Square button.

How to collect a weapon while sliding in week 2 challenge on Xbox:

The trick for the Xbox players is also quite similar. All you have to do is, run in your chosen direction and press the right analog stick and then press the X button. Voila! you have picked up the weapon while sliding.

For the Fortnite players to parkour, their way out of trouble is not so important in the normal Fortnite game. Also, there would be fewer players who might be sliding around or mantling to victory.

Nonetheless, completing the challenge for Battle Pass players is essential as it comes with tons of Exp. There also are some other worth-checking skills in Chapter 3 Season 2 for the players who are returning to check out the new Zero Build Mode.

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The Bottom Line

 This was all about how to pull off the tricky challenge in the Fortnite Week 2 challenge. Hopefully, we are able to answer your queries.

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