How To Get The GTA San Andreas Filter?

TikTok users are seen having serious discussions with Grand Theft Auto characters as the GTA San Andreas Filter has blown up the Foryou page of TikTok. If you haven’t tried the filter yet, then here is a guide for you to access the GTA San Andreas Filter on Instagram and Snapchat.

Following the recent viral Shifting filter that tells which movie character you resemble, TikTok is now blown up by the GTA Filter. This currently viral filter is based on the iconic video game from our childhood that involves participating in criminal activities and avoiding being caught by the police. The filter makes you stand with four characters from GTA, hence making you feel as if you have entered the game.

The filter has become a big hit as users are reliving their childhood with The GTA San Andreas Filter. But why are hundreds of users unable to spot this filter on TikTok? Here’s the answer.

What Is GTA San Andreas Filter

Image Of What Is GTA San Andreas Filter

GTA San Andreas Filter is a new video game-based filter that gets back to your childhood days. It is praised by the gamers community and people are loving this filter. Hundreds of TikTok users have already come up with the videos but many others are unable to find it on the Chinese video-sharing app.

If you are among those users who are looking for the filter on TikTok, then you might not be able to get the filter. Yes, the filter isn’t available on TikTok yet. Users can get this filter on Instagram and Snapchat. Let’s check how to get this filter on both Instagram and Snapchat.

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How To Get GTA San Andreas Filter On TikTok

This isn’t the first case that Snapchat filters have gone viral on TikTok, in most of the case Snapchat filters get popular after being passed on to TikTok. Similar to this a new Snapchat filter named GTA San Andreas Filter is making rounds on TikTok. Here’s how to get it on Snapchat.

  • Firstly, open your Snapchat account and tap on the emoji face right next to the camera button.
  • Scroll through all the pictures and tap on the magnifying glass icon located at the end of filters.
  • Now type, “Grove Street World” and hit enter.
  • Select the filter by Nikita Treshalov.
  • Tap on the star icon to save the filter to your favorite filters list.
  • Now, try the filter with the back camera. You will find the GTA characters standing in front of you.
  • Once you are done with recording the video, tap on the downward arrow and save the video to your camera roll.
  • Now, you can upload this video on any of the social media platforms you want to.

How To Get GTA San Andreas Filter On Instagram

Image Of How To Get GTA San Andreas Filter On Instagram

Besides Snapchat, this filter is also available on Instagram. Let’s discover how to get it.

  • Open your Instagram account and tap on the search bar.
  • Type “Kevinkoci” in the search bar and hit enter.
  • Kevin Koci is the creator of this trendy filter. Tap on the follow button to get access to all his filters.
  • Tap on the three stars next to the Instagram posts grid. Here you will find all the filters created by Kevin.
  • “Grove Street” the second filter is the GTA San Andreas Filter.
  • Tap on the filter and hit the try it button.
  • Click on the “Try It” option and see the magic.
  • Download the video to your phone’s gallery using the downward arrow.
  • Roll on TikTok and don’t forget to add the San Andreas Theme Song” by YoungMaylay.

Final Words

After recording the video, you can share it on your Instagram as well. Hopefully, the information provided in this article will lead you directly to this famous filter.

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