Braidaxe — Is Braidaxe Legit Or A Scam? [May 2021]

Users from all around the world are taken aback by the prices offered by “Braidaxe” against chic and bold women’s wear, Mountain bikes and Cushions. To all the people who want to shop on this online platform, here is an unbiased review for you.

A web-based shopping platform is offering the lowest prices for dozens of products. It has especially attracted women from all around the world as it specializes in selling Plus-sized Swimwear and various other dresses that are categorized as Holiday Clothes, and Cushion D. Some users have also reported buying mountain bikes at the lowest prices but were these worth purchasing? Here are some customer reviews about the online store Braidaxe.

Braidaxe Review

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Joined in December 2020, Braidaxe is a newbie that deals in a variety of women’s wear and cushions. Considering the low prices some users have already placed their orders while thousands of people are searching to know about its worthiness.

If you are among the users who are doing prior research, we would like to congratulate you for being an intelligent shopper but if you have already placed an order, you should worry a little. Because whatever we are going to disclose now isn’t something positive.

To come up with this review, we have done an extensive research about this platform. We have listed all the suspicious points about Braidaxe in the following paragraphs. Keep reading.

1. The address provided on website isn’t legitimate

The very first suspicious point we found about this store was its fake address. As we followed the address “Address: 512 N Market St, Wilmington, DE 19801 United States” provided on the site, we found that it is a museum or a Jewish Historical Society. We weren’t able to access any corporate office in the surrounding.

2. Poor usage of English on the website

Another point that made us suspicious was the poor usage of English on the website. “About Us” page especially is written poorly and it seems like the text is copied.

3. No Customer Reviews on the website

We were unable to spot any customer reviews on the site. One customer has reported that the website doesn’t allow you to write a review.

Is Braidaxe Legit

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4. Domain registered in Dec 2020

This online store is just registered in December 2020, so one cannot rely on it.

5. No social media presence

Though the website has provided social media icons on the homepage, but upon clicking on the links you will be directed to your social media platform’s homepage. Braidaxe isn’t available on any of the social media platforms.

6. Suspicious contact details

The contact details provided on the website are suspicious. Some users have reported that they are unable to get any reply to their emails and phone calls so far.

7. Low Trust score

Most of the trust rating digital platforms, including Scam Doc and Trustpilot, have given it a one percent trust score that is extremely suspicious.

Braidaxe Reviews

For your further clarity we have provided some customer reviews in the following paragraphs.

A YouTube user named Amanda Ferrell said “I ordered my son a bike. As soon as my PayPal showed the receiver name, all Chinese letters, I knew instantly and started researching”.

Another user named Thomas Kelly posted: “This is all very suspicious. I was looking at mountain bikes, and surprise they had an attractive model that wasn’t so low that it was unbelievable. But it was more affordable than any other out there. And they also said no charge for shipping? The shipping alone would normally cost about a third of the price I was paying for the bike.”

While talking about the customer service one user posted: “I got an email with receipt of purchase but nothing else. Their phone number goes to voicemail and they don’t answer their emails. I’m disputing with PayPal so hopefully that will bear fruit.”

Here’s another review of Braidaxe. “Such scam websites profit by delivering nothing and then hoping that at least a few of their duped customers will be too lazy, forgetful, or just stupid to make a claim against them in time with PayPal, etc. until PayPal and other online payments processors blacklist them.

Then they just move on to a new domain name offering more fabulous prices for phantom goods. These fraudsters are in Guangdong in China.”

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Final Thoughts

After going through all the customer reviews and the website itself, we have found that this is a fake website. We would suggest you all stay away from such fraudulent online sites.

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