TikTok Girl Dead Baby — Breach Of Community Guidelines?

The new viral TikTok Girl Dead Baby video has been viewed 10 million times. Each time it has broken so many hearts. This video has paved path for an unending controversy regarding the TikTok community guidelines.

A recent video containing disturbing content has reached so many TikTok users. The video shows a woman lip-syncing to a song while holding a dead baby in her arms. The video content has disturbed so many young TikTokers mentally.

This incident isn’t happening for the first time. So many times in past people have shared such emotional and sensitive content and the TikTok seems silent towards such cases. This is the reason why this video sharing application has faced banning and unbanning in so many countries all around the world.

TikTok With Dead Baby

Image Of TikTok With Dead Baby.

Though TikTok has set the age limit for its audience to 13 years but most of the pre-teens still use this application. Considering this, Tiktok administration should develop a policy for sensitive content. But till now we have not experienced any such policy.  

The most recent TikTok Girl Dead Baby video has disturbed so many young users. After watching the video a 16 year old girl commented that her heart has literally dropped after watching this video. Another young user posted that: “I saw it and I feel so sick. It’s just there, in the back of my head.”Â Some other comments also came up saying they are having nightmares because of this video.

Many of the users reported the video but initially TikTok came up with the statement that they would not remove the video as it does not violate any of the community guidelines of Tiktok.

Girl Doing TikTok With Dead Baby

Image Of Girl Doing TikTok With Dead Baby

The video featuring a mother and her dead baby has gone viral on internet. Most of the viewers has claimed that they have watched the video accidently. Most of them were unaware about the videos content until they watched it.

But after watching it most of the TikTokers have shown disappointment towards the community guidelines of TikTok. According to them, TikTok is suppose to share entertaining content and they are not expecting such sensitive content on this platform.

After going viral the video was covered by most of the news channels. When ITV news approached TikTok for comment, the video was then deleted by the administration. Following this TikTok’s official spokesperson said that these videos are clearly heart-breaking and our deepest sympathies are with the mother and her family. 

“Our concern is also the well-being of our users, including the woman who shared her experience and those who may have viewed the content, and after careful review, we have removed the videos in question. 

“While it can be difficult for platforms like ours to balance the individual’s need for healing expression with the community’s expectation for a safe viewing experience. Our own Community Guidelines determined this as the appropriate action to take.” 

Head Of Child Safety Online Policy at the children’s charity NSPCC has also came forward with the following words. “Social media platforms need to do much more to stop children and young people stumbling across such harmful and disturbing content. It can cause emotional distress and have a long-term impact on a child’s mental health.” He further added that TikTok should respond to such incidents rapidly.

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Last Words

The videos like TikTok Girl Dead Baby video are creating negativity towards the online video sharing application. It is not the first time audience on TikTok has come across sensitive content. There are so many videos featuring drug misuse and overly sexual content on TikTok. We just hope that it will revise all its community guidelines to remain viewer’s favorite.

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