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Today I Give Up Trying brings us a fascinating story of a man who is living a very humble and nonexistent life somewhere far away from his place of origin. He is so frustrated with this life and wants to get out of it. Which of course, he can do. The freedom, power, and wealth, is just a text message away from him.

From the world of darkness, he came to this current setting in order to repay a kindness. During these three years, he had no money, power, and no job, so he suffered a lot and ridiculed by the people around him.

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Today I Give Up Trying

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The man is a live-in son in law for the last three years in an abusive family. Fed up with all this he is about to send a text message. “Auntie, I don’t want to work hard”, this message was sent to the dark world aunts. A few moments later the financial and the dark word went awry simultaneously.

He had become the epitome of a worthless being. A burden on the people and a cog that fits no hole. He is not just out of place but out of touch with the outside world of the time as well. For this reason, the current family only abuses him, ridicules him, and beats him.

Today I Give Up Trying Novel

A person who was the former dark emperor has had too much. It is time for him to take a stand for himself. To make the decision to return to his former state. Thus he puts the words into the phone and sends them, “Aunt… I don’t want to work hard anymore.”

Immediately after a few seconds of sending this text, his former position is reinstated. He is now the lord of the underworld, owner of oil fields, and a leading figure in the Army.

So why such a person took pains to live a miserable life? It’s been three years, originally he just wanted to repay the little girl’s life-saving buns! But the cruel reality and people’s snobbery made him have to be that dark emperor again.

Today I Give Up Trying Chinese Novel

With the return of his former status, there is a sudden emergence of a mysterious and strange look. The news has spread across the country. His mother in law and wife can watch it with their mouths open and in awe of the power of this man.

Yet, they are not aware that the same person is working like a dog in their own house. They treat him like a slave with abuse and slurs, unaware of his origin and identity. The male protagonist on the other hand is used to all this.

Today I Give Up Trying Story

He could only smile at their ridicule and bear the abusive comments without saying a word or showing any expression. What would happen? How would they react? When they hear that the person who they took for a freeloader is actually the one the whole world is crazy about.

How did he end up in such a place?

He originally wanted to use the identity of an ordinary person to repay a girl’s life-saving grace of giving him a steamed bun. As a result, what brought him was ridicule and endless humiliation from others. The girl for whom took these troubles is none other than his current wife.

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And now!

He has become the king of the world once again. He would make people who laugh at this girl shut their mouths, and let those who try to humiliate her eat their words. Though a bit younger than him. Her act of kindness took his heart.

He gave up all his power and status, descended down to her level, and started living. He has waited too long. Now it is the time to pay her back. There cannot be a delay anymore.

His entrance to his old world has lit a fire in the business world. Everyone is going crazy. Those who knew him are aware of how big a deal this is. For those who don’t, they can only speculate and wait to find out when the cat’s jump out of the bag.

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