Fall Guys Among Us Skin : Here’s How To Unlock It

Are you wondering to know about the Fall Guys Among Us Skin? Want to have your hands earlier on it? If yes, then you have opened the most related article. Keep reading and get to know everything that will lead you directly to the Fall Guys Among Us Skin so that you can play as Imposter.

After the Snowy season three, Mediatonic has finally sent the battle royale to the year 4041. The news was confirmed from the official account of Fall Guys 4041 Season 4, the tweet says Fall Guys Season 4 is out now, Welcome to the year 4041”. Most of the users have loved the new update. Some players have replied to the tweet saying, they have already started playing the rounds and they love everything about this new update.

With the new update, players are also wondering to get the Among Us skin that will enable them to play as imposter. This new update has come up with two new skins each with crewmate and Impostor version. Let’s dive in deep to know how these skins can be unlocked.

How To Unlock The Among Us Skins In Fall Guys Season 4

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The new game update has bought new games, a new Fame Path, and the highly anticipated Among Us crossover. When the trailer of Fall Guys Season 4 was rolled, players instantly recognized the red spaceman as one of the iconic crewmates from InnerSloth’s Among Us.

Fall Guys Season 4 has now introduced two new skins for the players to unlock. The first skin is of the red spacesuit with a cracked egg on the head called as Eggy Head while the second skin is a purple spacesuit with a plant on the head. You can have both these skins in two variants crewmate and Impostor.

The red spacesuit is a rare skin but it can be accessed in the season 4 using the Fame Path. While the purple spacesuit is not released yet so there isn’t any information about unlocking the purple spacesuit.

On the other hand Eggy Head is accessible. You can simply have your hands on it just by playing on the Fame Path. Readers should also note that imposter skin is just a hidden feature. You don’t have to follow any specific steps to access it. Here’s how to access the skins in Fall Guys Season 4.

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What Is Among Us Skins In Fall Guys Season 4

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As described earlier, users can unlock the Eggy Head red Among Us outfit while there is no information about the purple spacesuit yet. To get the red spacesuit, you have to progress through the Battle Pass Rank. You should also know that, you will get the skin as a separate top and bottom piece. You can unlock the top and bottom pieces separately.

Once you reach the rank 21 on the Fame Path, you will get the lower half of skin. While after reaching the rank 26 you will get the remaining part. There is also a possibility that you may get these skins in the item shop but nothing about it is confirmed by the developers. It would be a good idea to earn and save some crowns just in case you will be able to purchase them form the item shop.

Payers should also know that there isn’t a different way to unlock the Imposter variant skin. Instead, the players will unlock them at the same time they unlock the crewmate version.

Bottom Line

This was all about how to access the Fall Guys Among Us Skins. Hope the information provided in this post will be helpful for you.

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