Monster Hunter Rise Amiibo Bin — How To Use Amiibo Bin?

Are you probing to know about Monster Hunter Rise Amiibo Bin? Are you not aware how to use amiibo in Monster Hunter Rise? If yes, then luckily you have reached the most relevant space. Keep reading and learn how Amiibo can be used in Monster Hunter Rise.

Released on 26th March 2021, Monster Hunter Rise is an action role-playing Nintendo Switch exclusive video game. The game is developed and published by Capcom for the Nintendo Switch. After the Monster Hunter: World, Monster Hunter Rise is the sixth addition in the Monster Hunter series.

The game can be played in two (Single-player, multiplayer) modes. In its first week of release this new game sold 1.3 million units in Japan. Thousands of users have shared their experience after playing the game and most of them seem happy. Hence, the game has racked up overall 4.5 stars from the audience.

Today in this article we will explain how the players can use Amiibo in this newly released series of Nintendo Switch. Stay tuned!

What Is Monster Hunter Rise Amiibo Bin

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As explained earlier Monster Hunter Rise is a new action role-playing game released in last week of March this year. Right after its launch, it has become quite popular all over the world.

In Japan alone, 1.3 million units of this new game were sold in its first weekend. Considering this demand, one can understand that there is enough demand for Monster Hunter across Nintendo, Xbox, PC and PlayStation.

If you are a regular player of Nintendo Switch then most probably you will be aware about the Amiibo (line of toys-to-life figurines), that are used to unlock feature on various platforms of Nintendo. In the new series “Monster Hunter Rise” the function of Amiibo is no different. In the following paragraphs, you can learn how you can use the amiibo.

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How To Use Monster Hunter Rise Amiibo Bin

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To use the Amiibo in Monster Hunter Rise, you will need to follow the below information.

1. Visit a Merchant

Firstly, you have to go to the Kamura Village square and then head towards the market run by Kagero the Merchant. You can find some useful items from the merchant Kagero.

These items can be useful during hunts and they can be found standing directly opposite to the Quest Maiden (Hinoa). You can also look for the Maido merchant sitting to the left of Hub Maiden (Hub Maiden) in the Gathering Hub.

2. Select The Read Amiibo

Selecting it is quite simple, you just have to tap on the Read amiibo tab right under the Melding pot and then tap on the confirm button, in bottom right of the screen.

3. Touch the amiibo of your choice

In the next step, you have to select an amiibo of your own choice. For the Nintendo Switch Joy-Con, NFC reader is located at the top right of analog stick while for Nintendo Switch Pro Controllers, it can be found on the Nintendo Switch icon in the middle of the controller. At this point players should ensure that the controller you are using is amiibo compatible.

4. Tap On amiibo Lottery

Here you will witness the type of amiibo you are using and the grand prize available for the winners. Another important point you need to know here is that the amiibo not specific to Monster Hunter Rise will be labeled as “Support” amiibo.

5. Cross your fingers and wait for the results

If you are a winner, you will receive a message saying “Bingo!” and you will also witness what you have won. You can now choose to take all prizes or individual prize or sell them at once.

Bottom Line

This was all about the Monster Hunter Rise and the usage of amiibo in it. Hopefully the article has provided you enough information.

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