TikTok Server Error – What Does It Mean?

While scrolling across TikTok, users encounter an error saying “TikTok Server Error” and all of sudden they lose all their progress on the platform. Their profile starts showing zero followers even if they had more than a million followers just yesterday. This troublesome error has given mini heart attacks to many users but don’t worry this error has no influence on your followers, nor you are being banned from the platform.

As the error keeps coming back to several users, users are forced to believe if their handle is being hacked or has been blocked from the platform. Some of the suffered users have taken it to several other platforms to know if any of their friends have faced this issue.

If you are getting trouble with this TikTok error, here is all you must know about it.

What Does TikTok ‘Server Error’ Mean?

An error is prompting on the video-sharing app as users scroll across their foryou pages. As soon as the error appears on the screen, the number of followers drops to zero. And they lose all their progress in a blink of an eye. Not just followers, they lose all the likes and views from all their videos. The handle seems to be hijacked or removed from the platform.

 After encountering this error, as the users check profiles of other content creators, they witness similar results. Other accounts also appear, with no followers, likes, and views. This adds to the worry and users start seeking help from their friends on various platforms.

However, if you are a victim of any such error, just take a deep breath and relax. You haven’t lost any of your followers or progress; it is just a server error that hundreds of other users also are facing.

In the majority of cases, the error gets fixed on its own after few days while in some cases it gets fixed by simply relaunching the app.

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How To Fix TikTok Server Error?

The errors explained above usually get fixed on their own because these are server errors and they get fixed from the server’s end. TikTok creators have nothing to do with such errors so, leaving the problems to be fixed from the server’s end is the best option.

Several users have discussed the “Server error” with the TikTok help center. And all of the time they get to listen, it is a server error that will get fixed soon. So, if you have lost all your progress following this annoying error, worry less. Wait for the error to get fixed. It usually takes a little time to get fixed. But in some scenarios, you may have to wait for few days to get all your progress back.

Besides the server errors, network errors are also common on TikTok. It is quite obvious to all users that TikTok only works when you are connected to a wifi router or using your mobile data. Without a speedy internet connection, you may not be able to enjoy your journey on the video-sharing app.

Some of the errors that may occur due to poor internet are ‘No network connection error’, ‘No internet connection error’, ‘and network error, please try again. If you encounter any such errors, simply check your internet connection or restart your router. All the other errors that are not related to the internet have to be resolved at the server’s end. So, don’t worry about “Server errors” and give them some time to get fixed.

Concluding Remarks

This was all about the annoying “TikTok Server Error” and its possible causes and solutions. Hopefully, you have got enough information about this troublesome error from TikTok.

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