Zack Bonfilio TikTok: Slammed For Giving Offensive Remarks

A TikTok content creator named Zack Bonfilio has faced backlash on internet for his offensive remarks. This user’s TikTok account has also being removed from the platform. Here is everything you need to know about this Texas based content creator.

TikTok is home to millions of users hailing from different corners of the world. With people belonging from diverse backgrounds, the platform is also filled with variety of content. From dance videos to videos featuring food and culture, you will find numerous videos based on several subjects.

To regulate the content on platform, TikTok has defined the guidelines. Videos and handles that feature inappropriate content get banned following these guidelines.

A similar case has recently being reported where a user named Zack Bonfilio has been banned from the platform for giving offensive remarks. He also has faced backlash from the users on TikTok.

Who is Zack Bonfilio On TikTok

Image Of Who is Zack Bonfilio On TikTok

Zack Bonfilio is a Texas based content creator. He is recently being banned on the Chinese video-sharing app. After his main TikTok handle was banned, Zack created multiple pages that also are reported to be removed from the app.

His main TikTok handle was created under the username ‘Misfit Patriot’, however information related to his new pages is currently not available.

Though, the videos that contained offensive remarks are being removed from TikTok, they are still surfacing on Twitter.

According to available information, Zack is worker in tiling business with American Tile and Remodelling. Further information about Zack and his life is not available as all his social media pages seem to have been removed.

Considering his appearance, it seems like Zack is in his mid or late 30s. There is no information about what type of content he used to create on TikTok before he went viral for his offensive remarks.

Some websites have claimed that Zack used to create content based on contentious topics relating to culture and society.

As soon as his videos went viral, some users have slammed him for his offensive remarks. The interest of other content creators in Zack’s videos made him even more famous.

A user named ‘That Danesh Guy’ on TikTok has branded Zack as a racist after watching his videos. Danesh shared a video of Zack where he can be heard giving offensive comments. He captioned the video, “Zack Bonfilio defending his use of the n-word by admitting to another time he used it.”

Zack Bonfilio Slammed For Using N-Word

Image Of Zack Bonfilio Slammed For Using N-Word

In a video shared by Danesh, Zack can be heard saying, ‘you guys are stretching with the racism thing by the way”. Zack then uses the n-word multiple times. He further said, “I grew up with a bunch of black friends, I don’t care, I will type it all out.”

Some other TikTok content creators including, @auntkaren, LanceTsosie, @tizzyvent and @GoodTrouble are also in a war against Zack. However, while responding to them, Zack claimed that he won’t be bullied because he is not a racist.

In most of his current viral videos, Zack Bonfilio is seen threatening TikTok creators like Danesh. In one his videos, Zack Bonfilio referred to Danesh as ‘some kind of Indian guy’. To this Danesh responded saying, he is Persian and not Indian.

Explaining the reason why he typed n-word as his Facebook status, Zack said that he wrote it just to prove that Facebook doesn’t take it down.

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Bottom Line

This was all about who Zack Bonfilio from TikTok is, and why is he being slammed on internet. Hopefully, you have got all the information about this viral content creator.

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