TikTok Video Of BF Being Yelled At By An Asian Father

A strange TikTok video of a BF Being Yelled At By An Asian Father is going viral across the video-sharing app. This weird video posted by a user named ‘graccxx’ has become the talk of the town and users are expressing different opinions. Here is all about this video and the reactions of users given to it.

TikTok is known for controversial videos. Since its launch, we have come across several videos that featured weird stuff. From sea mermaids to zombie women and nosy neighbors to time travelers, we have encountered quite a lot of uncanny content creators.

The latest video that is flaunting on the foryou pages has stirred a lot of discussions on the internet. This video is being recorded in a college dorm room and it features a grumpy Asian man yelling at a young boy.

Keep scrolling and learn the back story of this viral TikTok video of BF Being Yelled At By An Asian Father.

Graccxx’s’ TikTok Video Of Asian Man Yelling

Image Of Graccxx’s’ TikTok Video Of Asian Man Yelling

The video creator of this popular snap is ‘Grace’, who is a college student. She is quite popular on TikTok for her TikTok account ‘graccxx’, which has amassed a considerable number of followers.

This viral video has garnered over 11 million views as of now. The video features, father of one of Grace’s classmates, yelling at Grace’s boyfriend for not wearing a mask. Grace seems upset with the man’s reaction and she has expressed her displeasure by sharing the video on her TikTok account.

The video’s caption reads, “My roommate’s dad harassing my boyfriend for not wearing a mask in my own room”. Grace further explained the incident in her comment section saying, the campus police were notified about the incident. And they were on their way and required video proof. She further revealed that she and her classmate both are Asian.

The video further shows the Asian man yelling at the young boy who sits down out of fear. The grumpy man further shouts “Because you didn’t wear a mask!”, the boyfriend tries to respond but the man starts yelling again saying “Close your mouth! Wear a mask!”

In the later part of the video, the angry man asks the boy if he can speak English, to this boyfriend replies “no I don’t speak English,” while clearly speaking English.

TikTok User’s Reaction To Graccxx’s’ TikTok Video

Image Of TikTok User’s Reaction To Graccxx’s’ TikTok Video

The video continues and the father says, “Okay, you don’t speak English, then you should go back to your country! I don’t know where you’re from!”. Confused by how to handle the situation, the young boy replies saying “Is this a joke right now?”

As the situation intensifies, the father says, “I’m from Hong Kong! I know English!” when the young boy tries to get up from the chair, the Asian man becomes furious and tries to instigate a physical fight. He shouts saying, “COME ON!” yells the dad, adding, “I’m so scared!”

 To this, the young boy responds saying, “I’m not gonna fight you”. Although the situation had worsened, the young boy restrained from getting into a physical fight.

In the comment section of the video, most of the TikTok users are speaking in favor of the young boy. One user said, “Nah this boy was raised right because his restraint from swinging is immaculate.” Another wrote, “Bro has insane self-control my anger would take over so fast.”

Third TikTok user wrote, “The amount of patience in this video is astounding, he won without having to put a single finger on him.”

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Bottom Line

This was all about the viral TikTok Video Of BF Being Yelled At By An Asian Father. Hopefully, you have got all the information you needed to know.

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