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With plenty of spooky trends Tiktok is taking over the internet this Halloween season. This time Tiktok has enabled its users to look like Tim Burton Characters using the Tim Burton Makeup in no time. You can easily transform yourself to any of Tim Burton’s Characters with no efforts, simply with the Tim Burton Makeup.

Tim Burton, the American film maker is famous for his gothic fantasies and horror films. From Beetlejuice, Edward Scissorhand and The Nightmare Before Christmas to, Ed Wood, Sleepy Hollow and Corpse Bride, the horror characters styled by Tim Burton have always been praised by the public.

As Tiktok is up with this new trend, people are pouring billions of videos using the Hashtag Tim Burton character challenge on TikTok feed. People are trying new tricks to make cool videos with deep set of eyes and sharp cheekbones.

Tim Burton Tiktok

This is how you will look as a Tim Burton Character

The new filter trending on Tiktok is giving a thrilling experience to all Tim Burton Fans. It was never known that, it would be so easy to amuse your social media friends with your Halloween look in just few simple steps. Put on the Tim Burton Make up and dress like the Corpse Bride and here you go for an interesting video.

People on Tiktok are loving this new effect. Millions of videos using the Tim Burton Makeup are already up and many of the users are still wondering to know how it actually works. Oh, are you among those still wondering? Keep scrolling and we will let you know how it actually works.

Tim Burton Character Tiktok

Image Of Tim Burton Character Tiktok

This time you don’t have any excuse not to dress up on this Halloween season. Because, you don’t have to put effort , to wear makeup or to zip up a costume. Tiktok has made it so easy for you to look like any of your favorite Burton’s characters using the Tim Burton Makeup.

To transform yourself as a spooky Character you can use the Blue Line Filter on Tiktok also known as Time Warp Scan Filter. Here’s how can you do it exactly.

Firstly, you have to gain access to the filter which is so easy. You have to open your Tiktok account and press the + button right in the bottom of your screen. This button enables you to create a new video. Then check the right-hand side of your screen, you will find a label called “Filters”. Click on this label and then you have to click the label saying “Trending”.

Go through the trending filters and you will find a filter having a blue line running through it. This is the filter we are searching for. Now tap on the filter. Once you have gained access to the filter, point the camera towards your face, while the line is running through your face.

Pull your eyes when this line reaches your eyes, then quickly move your hands and pull your cheeks so that your cheek bones will appear. This will completely change your face by giving you huge under-eye bags( because of pulling your eyes) and sharp cheek bones (because of pulling your cheeks).This is how you will look just like one of Burton’s character from your favorite movie.

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Looking so scary was never so easy before. Thanks to Tiktok for giving us access to such amazing filters. All credit goes to the Tim Burton Makeup introduced by Tiktok for giving us a new look for this Halloween season.

Now it’s time to make videos worth millions views and likes as our favorite ghost characters are just a click away from us. Let’s make some amazing videos and entertain our fans!

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