Trae Young Meme — Another Viral NBA Meme

After being ridiculed by fans on social media for his hair, Trae Young has shared the meme on his Instagram with the caption “Until tomorrow…. #ICanLaughtAtMyselfToo.” Here is all about why the Trae Young Memes became so popular.

Being part of NBA, Young is quite popular among fans. He has got a charming personality overall but fans think his hair are awful. Some meme creators have even compared him with a lollipop fallen on carpet and covered with some random bits of hair. Instead of being offended, Young has posted this meme on his Instagram account and hence a new meme trend has begun.

The 21-year-old Trae Young seems to enjoy the meme trend despite being compared to brooms and brushes, lollipops, and what not? Let’s discover more about this meme trend.

What Is Trae Young Hair Meme

Image Of What Is Trae Young Hair Meme

It has become a ritual for social media users to compare celebrities with ridiculous things to come up with some side-splitting memes. In past Trae has remained the talk of town because of his messy hair. Some people have suggested him to shave his head while others have suggested for a hair transplant.

Here is what Reddit users have to say about Trae Young’s Hair:

A user known on Reddit as @Warrious said, “His hair is scraggly and his hairline is a mess. He should at least get a fade up.” Following this comment another user posted, “it’s bad but he can fix it with a hairstyle that compliments it. He needs to shave down the sides”. Many are even suggesting him for a surgery as they think he’s a rich guy now.

Besides the Reddit threads, meme creators have also flaunted hundreds of memes. One memester has even compared him to Albert Einstein. Does it even make sense? I don’t think so!

Origin Of Trae Young Hair Meme

Though there isn’t any confirm information about the origin of meme but most probably it originated from Twitter. The Trae Young Hair Memes started flaunting on internet in late October 2019. One user has even created a Twitter account that is totally dedicated for the Trae Young Hair Meme. This account, (known on Twitter as Trae Young’s Hair) was created in November 2019.

The description of Trae Young’s Hair reads, “Lollipop that fell on the ground. Walking bucket. Boomer Sooner. ATL. Not affiliated with Trae I’m his hair. All opinions are my own because I am hair.” Along with the memes shared on the account, the account description itself is quite hilarious. You will find this meme account on Twitter under the username @HairTrae.

Spread Of Trae Young Meme

Image Of Spread Of Trae Young Meme

Starting from Twitter, the memes then landed on many other social platforms including Instagram, Facebook and Reddit. Here are some reactions and memes rolled by people regarding Trae’s hair:

Reddit User @thatkidPB posted “He’s like light skin Chuckie from rugrat’s”. In continuation of this particular Reddit thread, another user said, “His hair is arguably the worst part of the nba right now”.

A user also compared him to another NBA player in the following words, “Would be the 2nd worst in the league if not for Elfrid Payton getting a haircut”. Though most of users have ridiculed the popular young player for his hair but there are also some who supported him. One user said “Baldness doesn’t just go away like that. It looks fine now because he got a hair transplant or something.”

Hawks, a Reddit user also pointed the way men have started gossiping like women. He said, “A bunch of guys discussing another man’s hair. Times have changed.”

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Bottom Line

Though Trae Young himself has participated in the meme trend but such memes aren’t morally correct. To my opinion one should not be judged based on their appearance. What is your opinion about it?

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