Watch Instagram Stories Anonymously Using Apps — Explained

Have you heard about Watch Instagram Stories Anonymously App? Want to how it works? If yes then you have opened the most relevant space. Keep reading and learn all the hacks to watch someone’s story without letting them know.

Instagram stories are full screen visual formats that last till 24 hours. Then won’t appear in the news feed but your followers can still watch this visual content. The foremost benefit of this Instagram feature is that you can stay in touch with your followers without overloading them. The Instagram story feature was launched in August 2016. Later live story feature was added in November 2016.

As, many other applications have enabled the users to watch stories anonymously, Instagram users were also waiting for the feature to be launched. Though there is no any built in feature that can help you watch stories anonymously but we have gathered some applications that can perform this function. Keep reading to know about all the applications that can help you Watch Instagram Stories Anonymously.

How To Watch Instagram Stories Anonymously Using An App

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In any phase of life we all have once desired of viewing Instagram stories without leaving a trace behind. Since Instagram doesn’t supports this feature, there are plenty of free applications that can help you do the need fill.

These applications include , Anonymous Stories Viewer for Instagram, Storized — Story Viewer for IG, BlindStory — Watch, Download Stories for Instagram, Anonymous Story Viewer for Instagram, Gramster – Anonymous Instagram + Story Saver, Story Stalker — Anonymous Story Viewer.,

All the above applications are available for free. Let’s look into more detail to learn how these applications can be accessed and used.

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Best Apps To Watch Instagram Stories Anonymously

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The first application we are going to talk about is “Anonymous Stories Viewer for Instagram”. Best thing about this application is that you don’t even need to have an Instagram account to view any story.

All you need to do is write the user name of the person you want to see the story of. Another cool thing about this app is that you can even view the stories that are hidden from you. You can also download people’s post and stories using this application.

Another application known to watch stories anonymously is “Storized — Story Viewer for IG” this application allows the users to view stories of public profiles only. That’s quite weird but developers have assured that you can soon access the private stories without leaving any clue behind.

Good thing about this application is that it allows you to have a closer look at people’s profile. You can open the profile pic on full screen but again it is applicable for public accounts.

The next application that can help you watch stories anonymously is “BlindStory — Watch, Download Stories for Instagram” this application allows you to access the public stories only. But a good thing about this application is that it notifies you when the user posts a picture or a story. Another plus point is that you can download stories to your device without letting them know.

How To View Instagram Stories Without Them Knowing

“Anonymous Story Viewer for Instagram” is another application that gives you rapid access to IG stories. You can view millions of stories without letting anyone know. The app also lets you save stories, vids, and pics with just few taps.

“Gramster – Anonymous Instagram + Story Saver” is the next magical app that enables you to view stories privately. It helps you to download any sort of content anonymously. Best point about this application is that you can add a password on it. The only drawback about this application is that it only gives you access to public profiles.

“Story Stalker — Anonymous Story Viewer” is the final app that helps you to keep your identity private while viewing the IG stories. You can use the app with or without signing in to it. This application also has the capability to view stories of public accounts only. Besides this, you can also download any content in secs.

Last Words

This was all about the Watch Instagram Stories Anonymously App. Hope you have got enough choices to watch stories using any of these Watch Instagram Stories Anonymously App.

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