What Do You Meme Filter — Here’s How To Get It

The modern social media platforms are all comprised of filters and lenses. What Do You Meme Filter is just another addition to the filters list of TikTok. The filter has become so popular among the TikTok community that the famous Adult Card Game has launched its official TikTok edition of ‘What Do You Meme?

The What Do You Meme Filter comes up with a meme every time you apply it in your video. It is the best way to garner millions of likes and views while spreading smiles along with each view. This filter has been praised by so many users and it has been applied by almost every active TikTok user.

Inspired by the filter, the card game has also become famous among people. This card game lunched in collaboration with TikTok is targeting players aged 17 and above. The players compete with one another to become Meme Queen or King by matching photo and caption cards to come up with funny meme combinations.

What Do You Meme Filter TikTok

Image Of What Do You Meme Filter TikTok

What Do You Meme Filter on TikTok is very easy and fun to use. If you don’t know how it works then there is nothing to worry about. We are here with all the details related to this filter.

To get the filter, firstly open your TikTok account. Then go to the search bar and type “What Do You Meme”. Once you search for this filter, then you will get to see a long list of videos with hash tag WhatDoYouMemeFilter. Open any of the video and add the filter to your favorite filters list.

Now, go to the filters list, select this filter and get started. You can also get this filter from the trending list of videos as well. Open the tab that says trending and search for the filter required. Open the relevant video once to get to see it. Now you can apply the filter in your videos. After shooting the video, share it with your followers using the Hashtag #WhatDoYouMemeFilter

What Do You Meme TikTok Filter

Image Of What Do You Meme TikTok Filter

The filter inspired limited edition card game requires at least 3 participants to play the game. It includes 350 cards, 300 caption and 50 photo cards. These cards have to be matched, to create TikTok memes. The players should also have a neutral person to judge the contest. This judge will be responsible to decide the funniest meme.

The cards contain pictures of your favorite TikTok stars and their jokes. Another twist that the game has is the QR codes at the back of cards. The fancy looking QR code on the back of each photo card can be scanned with your phone to get the exact TikTok video that the image card contains. This way you can explore your favorite TikToker’s account and that’s the real magic.

Please remember that, the game content is designed for adults only. The game has multiple rounds and it can include more minimum 3 and maximum more than 20 players. The game set contains a copy of instructions and a fancy easel as well.

Roll up your sleeves and compete with your friends and family to create the funniest TikTok themed jokes. What Do You Meme? TikTok Edition can be availed against $25. Go grab yours and enjoy the fun moments with your friends and family.

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Concluding Remarks

With most upto-date graphics, what do you meme game has gained plenty of excellent reviews from the customers. According to the customers, it has provided them an opportunity to have couple of hours of laughing and playing with their families and friends. This was all about the TikTok filter and its latest collaboration with the famous card game company.

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