Instagram Crashing Error – How To Fix? [September 2022]

A new day and another Instagram error, this time users are reporting that their Instagram app is crashing over and over again. They are quite annoyed as they are unable to use the app peacefully. Several users have taken it to Twitter to talk about this recurring error. If you are among these users facing the Instagram app crashing error, we have provided a few potential fixes for the error below. Keep reading to get all the details.

Instagram is once again in hot waters as users are reporting yet another error. Well, this is not the first time Instagram is facing backlash from its users.

For quite a few months now, this really popular social media platform is displaying some annoying errors. From Insta feed not getting refreshed to DMs misbehaving, users have reported several errors.

The users are also not happy about the content they are currently getting on their newsfeed. The newsfeed is being bombarded with content from people that the users don’t actually follow has annoyed a lot of users.

And now, users are again reporting that their Instagram app is crashing over and over again. To find a fix for the issues they have rushed to Twitter and several other social media platforms. Despite several complaints from the users, Instagram has not rolled out an official fix for the error yet.

To help you get rid of this issue, below we have enlisted some potential fixes. Have a look!

How To Fix Instagram Crashing Error?

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Both android and iOS users have taken it to Twitter in September 2022 to report that the Instagram app is crashing over and over again.

On September 22, social media users reported facing several errors not only on Instagram but on several other apps as well. Some have complained about not begin able to log into their handles while others have reported about their app crashing.

Users have expressed their frustration over Twitter and have asked for a quick fix.

Addressing the complaints, Instagram has acknowledged that there are some issues going on and the developers are trying their best to fix the issues.

Though they haven’t revealed the reason behind this error, it is perceived that this is a bug or a glitch. Addressing the complaints of the users, Instagram wrote, “We’re aware that some people are having trouble accessing Instagram. We’re working to get things back to normal as quickly as possible. Sorry for any inconvenience, and hang tight!”

Why Is My Instagram App Crashing Over And Over Again?

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Until Instagram takes care of the error, you can try the below potential fixes to get rid of annoying and recurring Instagram errors:

1. Check Your Internet Connection

Poor connectivity might be the reason for this issue. Please check your internet connectivity and restart your router to fix the issue.

2. Re-install Your Instagram App

The next possible fix for your Instagram app is to re-install it. To do so, you will first be required to remove the Instagram app from your mobile and then download it again from the app store. Here, you will get an updated Instagram app that may encounter lesser glitches.

3. Update Your Instagram App

The next potential fix to the error is to update your Instagram app to its latest version. Sometimes, having an old version of the app creates trouble. So, always make sure to keep your app up-to-date.

4. Clear The App Cache

Another option to get rid of this error is to clear the redundant files from the app. As the cache piles up on your app, the apps usually start misbehaving. So, clearing them up can also help you face lesser errors and glitches.

Your mobile storage may also affect the app’s performance, so make sure you have enough space on your device.

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The Bottom Line

This was all about what the Instagram Crashing Error is all about and how to fix it in September 2022. Hopefully, you will get rid of this issue soon.

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