Moon Moon Meme — The Viral Meme On Twitter

The old Moon Moon meme has again surfaced on Twitter and it is becoming even more popular than before. If you don’t know what this meme is all about, you must read this article till the end.

Social platforms especially Twitter is known for their hilarious meme trends. With each passing day users come up with new meme content and the meme game keeps getting stronger. Besides the new memes, we have also witnessed the old memes getting back after intervals on social media platforms. Each time the old memes surface on the internet, they amass a considerable number of supporters from every social app.

Currently, an eight-year-old meme has resurfaced on Twitter and users are pouring even more hearts than before. Although the viral Moon Moon Meme is making rounds on Twitter, users are still unaware of its back-story. Hence, we have come up with all the details related to this hilarious meme. Stay Tuned!

What Is Moon Moon Meme

Image Of What Is Moon Moon Meme

The Moon Moon Meme is an eight-year-old meme trend that is currently spreading giggles over Twitter and many other social media platforms. Although it has originated in 2013, it is still as popular as it was at the time of its origin.

Seeing the old meme resurfacing the app, users have expressed their pleasure on Twitter. Here is what people have talked about the meme. A user named @Weslur Keklur wrote, “oh it’s an old meme haha there was a person whose werewolf name was Moon Moon and the person found it funny then it became so widely known haha”.

As far as the meaning of this meme is concerned, there is very little information. According to the name generator, a Tumblr user was given a ‘Moon Moon’ wolf name. The Tumblr user found the name funny hence a new meme trend emerged from here. This meme trend became hugely popular among internet users in the year 2013.

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Moon Moon Meme Origin

Image Of Moon Moon Meme Origin

The moon moon meme originated in the early 2010s which is considered as the boom period for memes. From the Had Derp meme to Doge Meme, we have witnessed so many memes in the early and mid-2010s. Among these memes was the Moon Moon Meme that keeps resurfacing on the app over time and users enjoy the trend every time they witness it.

The meme originally takes its roots back to 2013 when a Tumblr user named Kitchiki shared an image.  The London-based animator’s image showcases him asking the name generator ‘What Is Your Wolf Name?’ And the answer that came up was quite hilarious, he was given the name ‘Moon Moon’. As he shared the image on Tumblr it became popular, paving the path for a hilarious meme trend.

Kitchiki captioned the image, “MY NAME, IS FRICKIN MOON MOON. I’D BE THE MOST IDIOTIC WOLF. ‘OH SH*T WHO BROUGHT F**KING MOON MOON ALONG?” This now-viral meme racked up over 158,000 notes on Tumblr in the first two weeks of its origin and its popularity is on the climb since then.

If you haven’t seen this meme yet, it is an image of a wolf acting dumb, whether that’s not knowing how to sit or chasing its own tail!

Considering the meme’s popularity, the Reddit users have also created a subreddit known as “Moon Moon”. This popular Moon Moon subreddit posts content linked to the meme trend and hence the popularity of this meme trend keeps climbing.

Last Words

This was all about the popular meme trend that makes us smile for the last eight years. Hopefully, this article has enlightened you with all the available information you needed to know.

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