Who Are TikTok’s Time Travelers? Explained

Among TikTok’s dancers, actors and comedians there also are some weird content creators who claim to be Time Travelers, but who these people are? Let’s find out.

Besides being the hub of entertainment, we have also witnessed many bizarre trends and videos on the Chinese video-sharing app. If you are an avid user of this social media platform, you might also have witnessed hundreds of conspiracy theories and weird stories.

 In past the stories like “The Zombie Woman” and “Unico Sobreviviente” created chaos on the platform. The first described case was of an injured woman who resembled a zombie. While the latter was a traveler who claimed to have opened his eyes in the year 2027. He further claimed that there was no one in the city except him, the humanity was extinguished and he was the only survivor.

The videos rolled by this strange user get millions of views and he is going viral again. If you are curious to know whether the predictions made by these time travelers are true or not, you must follow this article till the end.

Are TikTok’s Time Travelers’ Predictions True?

Image Of Is TikTok’s Time Traveller’s Prediction True

Since the launch of this video-sharing app, we have witnessed hundreds of stories that revolved around speculations. These theories have also created chaos on the platform. Some theories are perceived to be true by the majority of the audience while many consider them to be ways of garnering views, hearts, and followers.

Although it isn’t confirmed whether the predictions made by the viral time travelers are true or not, the videos become viral. And the strange TikTok accounts are garnering millions of followers. The users on the platform are really curious to know about the legitimacy of the predictions. Hence they have taken it to Twitter and various other social media platforms.

Along with sharing a video rolled by the time traveler from 2027, a user named @headrush posted on Twitter. “There’s a dude on TikTok claiming to be a Time-traveler from 2027, taking videos of empty hospitals and cities, walking into random stores and apartments and down freeway’s, etc, shit’s insane, not a single person in sight in any videos.”

Well, the curiosity of people is obvious because they are unable to spot human life in any of the videos shared by this weird TikTok handle. From restaurants to shopping malls and roads, not a single human can be witnessed and hence it becomes difficult to explain if the video is a legit one or not.

TikTok’s Time Travelers’ Predictions

Image Of TikTok’s Time Traveler’s Prediction

Currently, the most popular Time Traveler on TikTok is @unicosobreviviente (meaning: Lone Survivor). He claims to be living in the year 2027. This weird TikTok handle is active since February 2021 and he has garnered millions of followers till now.

Most of the videos that he posts on the platform are shot in Valencia, Spain. Another similar Time traveler who follows the same concept is, @aesthetictimewarper. He also has published a list of predictions that include the following points:

We have jotted down the predictions as per the video date for your convenience.

8/3/21 — NASA finds mirrored Earth, opposite gravity, physics, and motion.

9/14/21 — Category six hurricane will hit South Carolina, will the worst in history

10/20/21 — Eight humans will receive superpowers from the extreme energy of the Sun

12/14/21 — Three teenagers will find a T-rex egg and a device to open a portal to an alternate universe

2/2/22 — Atlantis is found in the Atlantic Ocean and is housing human-fish life

While the time travelers have attracted a considerable number of people on their handles, it isn’t confirmed whether the theories are true or these are mere conspiracies. We can just wait for the stated time to know if these time travelers are genuine or not.

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Last Words

These were the TikTok’s Time Travelers who amassed massive popularity on the video-sharing app. Keep visiting us to know more about these weird content creators.

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