What Does AAVE Mean On TikTok — All You Need To Know

TikTok users are getting backlash for using AAVE on the platform but what does it mean and why are users opposing this abbreviation? Let’s discover together!

The users of the Chinese video-sharing application have created their own words and dictionaries. From thousands of short-hands to countless slang words, the platform’s lingo has become quite difficult for new users to understand. Despite this, new slang words keep on joining the platform regularly.

Currently, users are using an abbreviation AAVE but the majority of users aren’t in favor of this short form. Many users are getting backlash from the audience for using this short form. But what is bad about this abbreviation? Does it refers to any racial slur or does it contain any abusive content? Here is the answer! Keep scrolling.

AAVE Meaning On TikTok

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As the abbreviation “AAVE” goes viral on the video-sharing platform, users are curious to know its meaning. To address the concerns of all these people who don’t understand this word, we made extensive research on various platforms. While searching across the internet, we came across different meanings and contexts. The most relevant meanings of AAVE are provided below. Have a look!

The full form of AAVE is African American Vernacular Language. Sometimes, people also refer to it as BVE — Black Vernacular English. The Urban Dictionary explains this abbreviation in the following words:

“AAVE, which is an acronym for African American Vernacular English or in other words, Black Vernacular English (BVE) Known outside of the academic and sociophonologic setting as “Ebonics”, AAVE is a dialect that hails from West African linguistics.

It’s not “ghetto talk”, what she’s speaking is a dialect called AAVE and it does not reflect her learning capacity.”

Many social media users claim that this slang isn’t created recently by the social media users rather it existed for so long. However, this slang term has got traction after being used by some social media users on various platforms.

It is also said that the African communities naturally coined their own term for it but what AAVE means is the African way of speaking English. The only way AAVE is different is in the accent.

What Is AAVE On TikTok

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TikTok has always been welcoming for diversity. It has appreciated people from every corner of the globe, their languages, and their accents. There are so many accents used across the globe that differ from the original pronunciation. Although AAVE is interesting to see so it is currently trending on the video-sharing platform. But, as people belonging to other cultures are trying it out hence it seems to be offensive for the African communities. Thus, the non-African people are getting backlash for using the term AAVE.

Many African people have taken it to various social platforms and they have requested other communities to avoid their way of speaking because it sounds like they are mocking the African people for being different.

While having a feeling of being mocked, Africans have discussed this issue on various social platforms. One user posted on Twitter saying “I am once again begging non-Blacks to leave AAVE alone”.

As the African people speak English in their own way, it doesn’t mean they don’t understand this language, it simply means that they have their own way of expressing and comprehending things. They pronounce differently and that is just fine. So, we all must be respectful towards differences of people and all of us should have the guts to accept and respect the differences of people.

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Bottom Line

This was the back story of the abbreviation AAVE. As we are aware of the context of this word, we must avoid imitating AAVE as it can hurt the sentiments of African people.

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