I’m A Survivor Trend TikTok – Reba Has Joined The Trend

The current viral trend I’m A Survivor from TikTok has got traction as Reba Mcentire hops in. Reba’s video has garnered millions of views and users are hopping into the trend uncontrollably. If you are unaware of what this trend is all about, here is all you need to know.

Being home to thousands of trends and challenges, TikTok has never missed a chance to entertain and inspire its millions of users. The majority of challenges tend to entertain users while there are very few which has debilitated the users.

Currently, I’m A Survivor Trend is flaunting across the Foryou page and users are joining the trend unstoppably. This trend wasn’t quite popular until Reba Mcentire rolled her own version of I’m A Survivor Trend. Reba has now become the face of this viral trend.

What Is I’m A Survivor’ Trend On TikTok

Image Of What Is I’M A SURVIVOR’ TREND On TikTok

I’m A Survivor’ Trend is the current viral trend on the Chinese video-sharing app. This significant TikTok trend tends to remind the users what makes them a survivor. The trend got its start a few days earlier where the users started videos detailing the mundane things in their life while playing Jon English’s 1976 track I’m A Survivor in the background.

Currently, thousands of users from all around the world are creating videos stating their struggles and how they are coping with their shortcomings currently. Although the trend remained unlucky for the first few days, now it is inspiring people across the world.

The TikTok users are approaching the trend differently as they are explaining how even doing small chores at home makes them a survivor, one user even shared his opinion saying how even a simple task of pumping gas makes him a survivor.

Meanwhile, thousands of users are joining the trend to share their life struggles. The majority of the users have an opinion that such challenges enable them to know how miserable conditions people are facing and have faced earlier, hence they must be thankful for the luxuries of their lives.

How To Do The I’m A Survivor’ Trend TikTok

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Just like any other normal challenge from TikTok, I’m A Survivor’ Trend was able to reach a little audience until Reba joined the trend in her own way. Unlike other videos relating to the trend, Reba was working on a farm to the title track of her show.

In the video, Reba can be seen holding two buckets across the field to feed her donkeys while her lyrics “A single mom who works two jobs. Who loves her kids and never stops,” keeps playing in the background. The caption of this viral video reads “When it’s time to feed your donkeys and they’re not the least bit impressed #ImASurvivor #Donkeys #FarmLife #Reba #CountryGirl”

As soon as this video was uploaded, Reba’s fans have taken it to Twitter and they have given mixed reactions. Some have noted how the background track has got stuck in their mind while others are praising the beauty for nailing the trend in a different way.

One user posted on Twitter “crying but that one TikTok song that like “a single mom that works two jobs … I’m a survivor” is on loop in my head help I ‘can’t touch this’ earlier”.

While another user added, “The I’m a survivor sound trend on TikTok is the best thing to happen to TikTok … A SINGLE MOM WHO WORKS TWO JOBS WHO LOVES HER KIDS AND NEVER STOPS WITH GENTLE HANDS AND THE HEART OF A FIGHTER I’m a survivor.”

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Concluding Remarks

Reba’s entry into this significant trend has taken its popularity to the whole next level. Currently, the video is heading the Foryou page hence the users are joining it to inspire their followers with their stories.

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