Why Are Instagram Insights Not Working? Instagram Error Explained

Instagram insights have stopped working and users are trying to inquire why! Is it a glitch or any server error? Instagram users seem pissed off. If you are among such users, we have got you covered; here is everything you need to know about why Instagram Insights are not working. Stay tuned!

For a few months now, Instagram is making rounds on the internet for all negative reasons. At the beginning of the past month, users took to Twitter to complain that their newsfeed is misbehaving and they are unable to refresh the content over it. Following that, users faced issues with direct messages as a glitch restricted them to send direct messages to friends. Next, the Instagram filters stopped working for the users and then their filters stopped working. And now, Instagram creators are complaining that their insights are not working. What could be the possible reason? And how to fix the Instagram insights errors? We have provided all the details you need to know.

Keep reading and get to know all the details about this viral Instagram glitch.

Instagram Insights Not Working

Image Of Instagram Insights Not Working

The users started reporting this error on the 21st of June on Twitter. After spotting that they are unable to view the insights for their previous posts, the users have taken it to Twitter.

The Instagram insights feature is among the most popular tools of Instagram for the creators as it helps them find out a lot of information about their posts. From post engagements to likes, shares, and comments, this tool helps understand how the post is performing.

Following the insights, you also get to know which kind of content creates more engagements so that the content creators can boast more attention from the Instagram family.

Upon tapping on the insights button, creators get welcomed by an error message that reads, “An unexpected error occurred. You are receiving this error because something went wrong while loading the screen. Tap the retry button to try again.”

However, the retry button also doesn’t seem to work as users are complaining that they are unable to fix the issue.

Although several users have reported the error on multiple social media platforms, Instagram hasn’t talked about the issue yet. The giant social media platform also hasn’t responded to any of the users’ queries.

How To Fix Instagram Insights Error?

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Previously, people were also reporting that their explore page is resetting automatically on the tweet-sharing app.

Normally, we get to see content based on the pages we previously interacted but now most users are reporting that they are being forced to watch nature videos and Instagram is suggesting such videos to all the users.

This is not the first time users have reported such an error. In 2020 also, people reported being bombarded with videos related to nature.

As Instagram keeps throwing multiple glitches, users have started calling it ‘Glitchogram’ and that fits well on the former photo-sharing app.

Nonetheless, there is not any official fix to this viral Instagram error. As Instagram also has not talked about the glitch, it seems like you cannot do anything about the issue.

All you can do for now is wait for Instagram to get the issue fixed. We just hope that Instagram will fix the issue soon and the insights will get back to normal.

For now, there is no information about why are Instagram Insights not working, but it seems a glitch.

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The Final Words

This was all about the viral ‘Instagram Insights Not Working’ error and why the error is not getting fixed. Hopefully, you have found all the details you needed to know.

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