Is Lady Ruby T-Shirt A Scam? Unbiased Review [June 2022]

The blog aims at providing you with an unbiased review of Lady Ruby T-Shirt website, so is Lady Ruby T-Shirt website a scam or a legit website? Let’s dive in to figure it out.

With more and more businesses joining the online platforms, the chances of users encountering scams have also soared. Thousands of users get scammed each day and the unfortunate thing is that the online shoppers don’t bother looking into the legitimacy of websites before investing their money.

To spend money wisely, it has now become a necessity to check for the legitimacy of online sites before making a purchase.

Several online buyers have got trapped by fake websites thus online shoppers are now getting informed about Ponzi schemes and are looking into the website details before making a deal and it is indeed a wise move.

Here on this website, we try our level best to help you get an idea about the legitimacy of websites. Following this tradition, today we are covering another new website, ‘Lady Ruby T-Shirt’ and at the end, you will get to know whether or not it is a scam.

Is Lady Ruby T-Shirt A Legit Platform?

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Before we start explaining whether or not this website is a scam, let’s check what the Lady Ruby T-Shirt actually deals in.

As the name suggests Lady Ruby T-Shirt provides the best T-shirts to its customers online. Most of the shirts displayed on this website are made up of rib fabric and cotton rib.

According to the Lady Ruby T-Shirt website, the shirts they are dealing in, have the best quality and they are also comfortable to wear.

The shirts available on this website are specially designed for scrunching heat. The website further suggests the users to wash their shirts in machines only. Further, the shirts available on the site are unisex and it caters to all genders.

Although, the website claims its products to be the best in the market but we cannot rely entirely on this information. So, we have assessed the site on the following factors:

  • Domain Age
  • Contact Details
  • Trust Score
  • Customer Reviews
  • Social Media Presence
  • Owner Details
  • Purchase and Shipment Policy

Let’s discuss each of the above factors in detail.

Lady Ruby T-Shirt Reviews

Image Of Lady Ruby T-Shirt Reviews

1. Domain Age

There is no information about the domain registration date of Lady Ruby T-Shirt, so we cannot assess whether or not this website is a scam.

2. Contact Details

The Lady Ruby T-Shirt website has provided a contact number and email address which is a positive point.

3. Trust Score

According to the credibility detectors, this website has boasted a low trust score. As per the trust score, the website is not credible for now.

4. Customer Reviews

Although the website supports the customer reviews section, we were unable to spot any review on it. In today’s online world, people often look for customer reviews to find the legitimacy of a product or website, thus missing customer reviews is again a negative point.

5. Social Media Presence

The website is not available on any of the social media sites. It is again a red flag.

6. Owner Details

Although we searched for the owner details on the site, we were not able to spot any information about the company’s owner.

7. Purchase And Shipment Policy

The website has provided the policies but they seem vague. Again a red flag!

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Final Verdict

As the Lady Ruby T-Shirt website, doesn’t meet the basic requirements of being legit, it seems a scam. So, buyers must not rely on it.

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