Why Is Camera Not Working On Instagram? Explained

The Instagram camera has disappeared and it is not working for several users, everyone is wondering to know why. Is it because of a glitch or Instagram is planning a new update? We have gathered everything here in this article. Keep reading!

Instagram users are reporting a variety of errors recently. Twitter these days is being poured with errors only related to Instagram and users are not really happy about it. It started with misbehaving stories and then the explore page not refreshing errors followed by messages that were not working properly.

The recent issue that Instagram users are now reporting on Twitter is related to the camera. The Instagram camera has now totally disappeared from the platform and users are not really impressed with it.

Annoyed users are asking Instagram why is the camera not working on the platform and why has it totally disappeared. If you are among such users wondering to know about the Instagram camera, we have got you covered. Here is everything you need to know about this matter.

Can’t Take Pictures On Instagram

Image Of Can’t Take Pictures On Instagram

iOS users have flooded Twitter with complaints revolving around the Instagram camera. So far, it is not known whether Instagram is planning to roll a new update or the camera feature is totally taken aback.

The Instagram camera is quite a useful feature that enables users to take pictures and share them directly to their story and feed. All the users needed to do were tap on the ‘Story’ button and their camera roll would appear. However, this feature has now stopped working.

As the Instagram camera feature has disappeared, users can now only upload their pictures from the gallery. This issue was first reported by iOS users on June 28th and the issue is now still prevailing.

Unable to upload their pictures directly from the camera roll, users are getting frustrated and they are expressing their anger on Twitter. Here is what users have to say about this missing Instagram feature:

One user wrote, “why does Instagram not allow me to post a story via camera anymore? it goes straight to the gallery?”

Another user inquired, “Is anyone else’s Instagram only letting them upload stories from their camera roll and nothing else?”

“Is anyone else having an issue with Instagram where the option to use the camera doesn’t appear for making a story? said another user on Twitter.

Why Has Instagram Camera Disappeared?

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As Instagram hasn’t addressed the issue yet, there is not any official fix for this issue. The prior photo-sharing app also has not revealed whether it’s a permanent change or just a glitch.

However, below we have provided a few potential fixes that might help you get back your camera.

  • One possible fix that most Instagram users are suggesting to get rid of this glitch is to re-login to your profile. To do so, you will first be required to log out of your handle and then re-login.
  • This issue may also occur due to an old version of Instagram. Make sure you have updated your Instagram app and check if the issue gets fixed.
  • The Instagram cache might also be a factor causing this error. So, do clear the cache regularly.
  • You can also re-install your Instagram app to resolve the issue.
  • If none of the above fixes work, reach Instagram support for further assistance or wait for the developers to fix the glitch.

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The Last Words

This was all about why the Instagram camera is not working and a few potential fixes to this glitch. Hopefully, you have found all the details you needed to know.

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