Why Is Snapchat Deleting Accounts? How To Fix This Issue?

Snapchat users are in trouble again as the instant messaging app has started deleting Snapchat accounts. Here we have explored why is Snapchat removing accounts from the platform and what might be the possible fix for this issue. Keep reading and get to know all details about this glitch.

Snapchat users have rushed to Twitter and other social media applications to find out about the glitch they are currently facing. For them, some accounts on the platform appear to no longer exist and the users think if it’s the platform that is removing some accounts.

Some users are also complaining that they are unable to log into their existing accounts thus they are restricted to access their memories.

To help you get rid of this trouble, we have explored why Snapchat is deleting accounts from the platform and possible ways to fix this issue.

Why Is Snapchat Deleting Accounts?

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Complains have started flooding on social platforms as the snap-sharing app has landed the users in trouble. Some users have complained that their accounts are appearing to be deleted while others are unable to access their accounts.

As Snapchat stores important memories of users, they are worried about losing them. Snapchat users are worried that they could possibly lose the meaningful files that they have retained for so many years.

Following the complaints, Snapchat has taken it to Twitter on 10th December saying they are aware of the issue and are working to fix it.

No one knows why is this issue occurring but Snapchat has later confirmed that they have solved the issue. However, some users are still not satisfied with the fix as they are still encountering the same issue.

While most account deletions are instant and users are unaware of the reason. Some websites have claimed that the reason might be a violation of Snapchat’s terms and guidelines. So, the reason why you are unable to access your account is that you may have violated any of Snapchat’s terms.

Also, if your account appears to be fake, it will instantly get removed from the platform. Another possible reason for the deletion of your account might be because you are using an unauthorized third-party app or tweak to access Snapchat or its services.

To keep your account secure you must provide your verified email and phone number. If you have met all the requirements, your account might get deleted.

How To Fix This Issue?

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While Snapchat hasn’t come up with any official statement to fix this issue, we have pieced together a few ways that might help you solve this issue. Have a look.

If you getting an error message while attempting to access your account, get in touch with Snapchat support. To reach Snapchat support, initially tap on ‘I can’t access my account’. Then, tap on ‘I see an error message when I log in’ and hit ‘yes’ to submit your report.

You can also fix this issue by reaching other social media platforms. Some users have claimed that they have been able to fix this issue by contacting the @account_account_recovery handle on Instagram.

Users can also follow the ‘Snapchat deleted my account’ hashtag on Twitter to get a possible fix. Several users have provided fixes for the issue as these fixes have helped them get rid of this glitch.

Reinstalling or updating your Snapchat account might also help you solve this issue.

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Bottom Line

This was all about why is Snapchat deleting accounts, its possible fixes, and potential reasons for the glitch. Hopefully, we are being able to address your concern. Let us know any other possible fix if you are aware of it.

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  1. Hello, be carefull…only the official support may help. Accounts like @account_account_recovery handle on Instagram is a PURE SCAM that is only sucking you money dry with stupid system errors excuse that need you to send more and more pre paid cards or bitcoins…AVOID


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