Wizard Of Oz Google Trick — The Google Trick Explored

Alongside being the go-to platform for all your queries, Google users have now revealed some fun tricks as well. Following the Google barrel roll trick and Google gravity trick, users now seem obsessed with another trick that they call ‘Wizard Of Oz’ Google Trick’. What is this trick all about and how to be part of it? We have pieced together all the information here in this article. Have a look!

Google is mainly known for its vast collection of information and very few users know Google as a fun platform. However, users have now identified some fun tricks that can be applied on the Google search page.

Users are inviting their friends on several social media platforms to be part of these fun tricks. If you haven’t heard about the Wizard Of Oz’ Google Trick, here we have got you all the details. Check it out!

What Is The Wizard Of Oz’ Google Trick?

Image Of What Is The Wizard Of Oz’ Google Trick

The Google trick ‘Wizard Of Oz’ is an Easter Egg hidden on the Google search page. This hidden egg relates to a popular 1939 film.

You will witness a pair of Dorothy’s ruby slippers on the search page and as you click on them, magic happens. The famous line of Judy Garland “There’s no place like home” starts playing on the screen and the Google search page starts spinning.

Following this, your screen will turn sepia and remains still until you click on the tornado icon. Upon clicking on the tornado icon a house will appear on the screen.

The search page will again start spinning while the music from the Wizard of Oz music plays in the background. After a few seconds, the screen will return to its normal position.

Internet users have found the trick so amusing that they have started inviting their friends to try the trick. Many of them have talked about the trick on Twitter and several other social media platforms. If you are willing to try this trend, below we have provided detailed steps to complete it.

How To Do The Wizard Of Oz Google Trick?

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To be part of this fun trick, follow the below steps:

  • Firstly open the Google search page, type ‘Wizard of Oz Google trick’ and hit enter.
  • Next, tap on the first search result that appears in front of you on the screen.
  • Following this, you will witness a pair of sparkling ruby slippers appearing on the right-hand side of your screen.
  • Click on these slippers and get ready to witness the magic.
  • To fully enjoy this trick, make sure you have turned on the sound.
  • Lastly, in order to return your screen to its normal position, all you have to do is to tap the tornado. As soon as you tap on the tornado, your screen will return to its normal position.

The Wizard Of Oz’ Google is not the only Google trick. Even though we have explored some recently, there might also be several other unexplored tricks.

Some other Google tricks that went viral on the platform include Google Gravity Trick and the Barrel roll trick. A few other tricks identified by internet users are the Google Sphere trick and the spell askew trick. Most of these tricks ask the users to type a phrase in the search bar.

The most attractive among all these tricks is the Google Gravity Trick that makes all your icons float to the bottom of your screen.

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Last Words

This was all about what Wizard Of Oz’ Google Trick is and how can one be part of it. Hopefully, you have got all the details you needed to know.

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