Genshin Impact Perfume For Xiao And Ganyu — How To Buy?

Primaniacs has announced the new perfume starring Xiao and Ganyu. As soon as the news has gone viral, users are looking for ways to lay their hands over these brand new perfumes. But where to find the Genshin Impact Perfume For Xiao and Ganyu? We have pieced together all the available information here.
Genshin impact keeps rolling exciting items to keep their players glued with them. These additions are the reason why Genshin Impact has received excellent reviews from the players hailing from all around the world. This miHoYo-created Free-to-play action role-playing game has gained the interest of RPG players to the fullest.

If you are an avid player of this game, you must be aware of how Genshin Impact keeps rolling new items and updates. This adds to the popularity of the game.

Currently, players are awaiting the release of update 2.5 that will allow them to play as Yae Miko. But before the update comes live, players can get some nice-smelling limited edition perfumes. Here is where to get the fragrances and how much you need to spend to lay your hands over them.

Where To Buy Genshin Impact Perfume For Xiao And Ganyu

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Primaniacs have recently announced the launch of Genshin Impact Perfume for Xiao and Ganyu. These fragrances will be featuring Xiao and Ganyu. Alongside the two reruns for update 2.4, the fragrance lineup will be featuring Keqing, Childe, and Zhongli.

All these new fragrance additions are part of the previous lineage that included Diluc, Kaeya, Klee, and Mona, plus male and female versions of the Traveler.

Users from all around the world have praised the artwork, packaging, and unique fragrances for the perfumes rolled previously. For the upcoming fragrances, Xiao will be featuring lilac, cedarwood, elemi, and anise, while Ganyu will feature bergamot, grapefruit, apple, and pear blossom.

Well, the unfortunate news is, these fragrances will only be available for Japanese citizens. As Primaniacs does not provide worldwide shipment, users from other parts of the world will not be able to grab the fragrances.

How To Buy Genshin Impact Perfume For Xiao And Ganyu

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For people residing in Japan, these Genhsin Impact perfumes can be availed in 6,000 yen which equals roughly £40.

This second edition of perfumes is available for Japanese citizens only. The previous edition of fragrances was made available in September last year. The 30ml bottle of these Genshin impact fragrances cost JPÂ¥6,600 roughly making US$60. However, the latest edition is comparatively cheaper than its previous lineage.

Unfortunately, the western launch for these fragrances is not announced yet. Even though you are not able to get these brand new Genshin Impact perfumes, you can at least enjoy reading the descriptions for each character and how the fragrance relates to them.

For residents of Japan, you can head towards the official website of Primaniacs to grab your favorite fragrance. You may also check on the official listing of the Genshin Impact perfume collection to get more details or to purchase the fragrance.

Considering that Genshin has an evergrowing roster, the users residing in the west and all other regions of the world are expecting to see the releases in their regions as well. They are also expecting to see some new fragrances starring some other characters from the game field.

However, Genshin Impact has not revealed any plan to launch the fragrances to the rest of the regions in the world.

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The Bottom Line

This was all the available information about the brand new Genshin Impact Perfume For Xiao and Ganyu. So, when are you grabbing your favorite bottle? Let us know in the comment box below.

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