Year On TikTok — The Rewind Feature Of TikTok

Have you seen a lot of Hashtags saying Year on TikTok lately? Are your probing to know how to see your year on TikTok? Do you want to rejoice all your memories again? If yes, then we have got you covered. This article will put light upon the new, Year on TikTok feature introduced by TikTok.

Though TikTok was everybody’s favorite since its launch but in year 2020 it has broke all the records of its popularity. During this crucial year, this Chinese video sharing application has entertained every member of its community. The reason behind its popularity is that it has variety of content for every single individual. Be it related to crafts, cooking, fashion or Buzz, there is a corner of TikTok that makes everyone feel right at home.

As the year 2020 is about to end, every social media application is in race to show the year’s recap to their prestigious users. Being the most popular social media application, TikTok has also come up with the rewind feature.

If you are live on TikTok then you might have seen the Year on TikTok: Top 100 in some recent days. This feature enabled the community members to rejoice videos that collectively brought joy to them. Lets hop into more detail to learn how it actually works.

What Is Year On TikTok

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The Year on TikTok is a new feature launched by the App, which enables the users to revisit some of their best memories of this year on TikTok. The feature allows you to wind back at your most-played tracks and favorite creative effects. The personalized video will highlight most loved videos from your 2020, and it will also share a handful of top “vibes” based on the kinds of content you loved most.

The feature is quite similar as Spotify Wrapped, Apple Music Replay and Snapchat Year-In Review. The feature is currently trending on the Forypou page as every TikTok user is talking about it.

Regarding the feature, TikTok official page has come up with the following statement, Starting today, we’re giving you the opportunity to take a personal stroll down memory lane with our first ‘Year on TikTok’ in-app feature, a special recap that highlights some of the moments that defined YOUR 2020 on TikTok,”

How To See Your Year On TikTok

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To access this brand new feature you have to follow the below steps,

Before getting into detail, users should check if their application is updated or not. If not then, update the application to its newest version. Because the old versions do not have this feature. After updating your application, open your account and look for the special ‘Year on TikTok’ banner which will appear at the top of your ‘For You’ page or on the ‘Discover’ tab.

Once your find the banner, click on it and then tap on the option that says, ‘get started’. Following this you will have to wait for few moments and then you will get to see your own personalised video.

This feature might not work for the new users or for the users who haven’t used the app very much over the past year. The feature will work only if you have created your own TikTok videos and interacted with a significant amount of other people’s content.

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Last Words

This was all about the TikTok trending feature Year on TikTok. Hope the information provided in this article will help you look back and rejoice your happy moments of year 2020.

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