What Is Twitter Blue — Here Is Everything You Need To Know

Though we are aware of light and dark mode on Twitter, users are curious to know what Twitter blue is. If you are among these users, here is everything you need to know about what Twitter blue means and how it works. Stay Tuned!

The popular bird app has rolled a brand new option for its users to edit their tweets by signing up for the all-new subscription service. The service will be available for users against some monthly charges.

Here you will find what exactly Twitter blue is and which features are available for users behind the paywall.

Twitter Blue Meaning

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Social media applications are now working on launching their subscription services and the initial step is taken by Twitter. The popular bird app has launched the premium version of the platform and users can avail of numerous services following the subscription.

Once acquired, Twitter Blue will add extra features to your accounts against a monthly subscription fee. This feature was initially launched in Australia and Canada in June 2021, while it is now also made available for users from the US and New Zealand on iOS, Android. UK users are still in the queue to access the feature.

The Twitter blue option can be accessed from your profile, all you have to do is go to the profile edit section and subscribe for the feature. Another way to subscribe to the option is by visiting the main menu in the app for iOS.

Also, you might need to upgrade by accessing Twitter on any desktop device and selecting the subscribe option.

Once subscribed, you will get these perks for monthly charges of $3.49 CAD, $4.49 AUD, or $2.99 USD.

The Bird app’s official blog has revealed that the initial sets of features are designed on the basis of feedback received from the Twitter community.

One of the prominent features you will get is, you will have the option to undo your Tweets. But the time for you to undo a Tweet is 60 seconds.

Another perk of having a Twitter subscription is you can preview and revise your tweets to correct the mistakes before it goes live. Yes, the edit Tweet button will finally be available for you now.

What Are Twitter Blue Features?

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You will also be able to create bookmark folders thus it will be easier for you to organize your saved content. Talking about this feature, the popular bird app tweeted, “Bookmark Folders? You got it! Now you can finally put those bookmarks into the folders that you’ve been begging us for”.

Another worth mentioning feature is the Reader Mode. This new option makes it easier to cope with the long threads by turning them into easy-to-read text.

The next feature you will be able to access is Ad-free articles. Yes, you heard it right, you can now read advertisement-free content from numerous sites.

The Top article feature is another important thing. This option will give access to the most-shared articles on Twitter in the last 24 hours.

Alongside all the above features, the paid version of Twitter allows early access to the features that are in development. You will also be able to have customized icons, home screen, and color themes. You can set the home screen, icons, and color themes according to your choice.

However, most users are not happy with this paid version. One user Tweeted, “what is this Twitter blue?!?! They’re making you pay for the edit button?!?”

Another added, “What is Twitter blue! It costs money to edit a tweet! Something that we should just be able to do!”

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Final Thoughts

This was all about what exactly Twitter Blue is and how it is going to work. What is your opinion about this paid version of Twitter? Will you go for the Twitter Blue or not?

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