20 Win Challenge Clash Royale – Top Decks For The Challenge

The best news for Clash Royale players is that the 20 Win Challenge is back in the game and players will have a limited time to try their luck with the best CRL decks. If you are looking to find the details about the top Decks for the 20 Win Crl Challenge In Clash Royale, you are going through the right post. Keep reading to get all the details about how to beat the 20 Win Challenge In Clash Royale.

The returning Clash Royale event will not be easy for the gamers to complete as it is among the hardest challenges of the game. The challenge will however be quite exciting as it brings along some added incentives and a few best rewards to unlock. And yes, it is the official route for the gamers to qualify for the CRL World Finals.

Beating the 20 Win Challenge means that you are beating 20 games and that too with less than three losses. So, to complete the challenge you will be required to know a top deck, that we are going to tell you about now.

What Are The Top Decks For 20 Win Challenge Clash Royale?

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As we have explained earlier, you will have to beat the Clash Royale 20 Challenge, the gamers will be required to complete the challenge without losing three games. Further, the new CRL event is just being rolled and it will be live till August 11th at 8 am UTC. This will enable the gamers to try the challenge and crack some amazing rewards in just five days.

The rules outlined for the new CRL Event are as below:

Get started using the Events Tab: Every participant will have Three free entries, as they lose three games, they will get eliminated from the event.

However, they can re-enter the game using 10 Gems. The Pass Royale players will have unlimited free entries to the 20-Win Challenge. Also, note that the challenge progress will reset with each new entry (0 wins/0 losses).

The arrival of this exciting event was confirmed by the official Twitter account of Clash Royale. The Tweet read, “An expert breakdown from @ahcraaaap on who can qualify for #CRL22 World Finals! The 20-Win Challenge starts TOMORROW in-game.”

Top Decks 20 Win Challenge Clash Royale

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The gamers who succeed in winning the challenge will get the following rewards:

  • One Epic Chest
  • One Legendary King Chest
  • Up to 215k Gold
  • Chance to register for the next Clash Royale League stage via the Tournament Hub.

And yes the most awaited information! Below you will get all the information about the top decks that are currently revealed by the best Clash Royale players and content creators:

Royale API

  • Arrows – Elixir 3
  • Fireball – Elixir 4
  • Graveyard – Elixir 5
  • Inferno Dragon – Elixir 4
  • Skeleton King – Elixir 4
  • Tombstone – Elixir 3
  • Valkyrie – Elixir 4
  • Zappies – Elixir 4

Master Diddy Sans

  • Archer Queen – Elixir 5
  • Giant Skeleton – Elixir 6
  • Goblin Drill – Elixir 4
  • The Log – Elixir 2
  • Fireball – Elixir 4
  • Fire Spirit – Elixir 1
  • Skeletons – Elixir 1
  • Cannon – Elixir 3


  • Mega Knight – Elixir 7
  • Lightning – Elixir 6
  • Archer Queen – Elixir 5
  • Ram Rider – Elixir 5
  • Royal Ghost – Elixir 3
  • Bandit – Elixir 3
  • Giant Snowball – Elixir 2
  • Electro Spirit – Elixir 1

Gamers will get some more information about Clash Royale League and what to expect from the eSports aspect of the game will be available in the coming weeks. Stay tuned!

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The Bottom Line

This was all about the 20 Win Challenge in Clash Royale and the top Decks for the 20 Win Crl Challenge In Clash Royale. Hopefully, you have found all the information you were looking for.

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