How To Beat Clash Of Clans 2016 Challenge – Revealed

The Clash Of Clans 2016 Challenge has just hit the screens and players are clueless about how to beat it. If you are among these confused players, we have got you covered. Here is everything you need to know about the Clash Of Clans 2016 Challenge and the route to win this challenge. Stay tuned!

Celebrating their Anniversary, the game developers Supercell are rolling new challenges each day. Players can complete these exciting challenges every day to win some amazing rewards.

Following the 10th anniversary celebrations, the game developers have decided to remember each year of the game and create a new challenge based on what the game involved during that particular year.

As the game has been available since 2012, players will be able to play 10 new challenges, starting from 2012 to 2022. For now, players are stuck with the Clash Of Clans 2016 Challenge thus we have crafted this article to help them out. If you are a player sailing in this same ship, here is what the Clash Of Clans 2016 Challenge is all about and the easiest way to beat it in Clash Of Clans.

Beat Clash Of Clans 2016 Challenge

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As mentioned earlier, the game is celebrating its 10-year anniversary thus the players have their hands on some new and exciting challenges. The hybrid 10 challenges are created with an aim to look back at each precious year. Upon completing the challenges, the players will earn some exciting rewards. While taking the challenge, the players will have to earn three stars in order to amass the rewards.

For now, the game has reached its 6th challenge and players are finding it difficult to complete. In the challenge, there is a pixel scenery available to unlock. There also are several guides available on how to beat the Clash Of Clans 2016 Challenge.

In the year 2016, Clash Of Clans featured the release of Clash Royale, Wars and Friendly Challenges, as well as Bowlers, Miners, and Baby Dragons. So, the hybrid 2016 challenge involves all three characters, Bowlers, Miners, and Baby Dragons.

Addressing the challenges, Clash Of Clans revealed in one of their recent Tweets:

“On the 10th Clashiversary a faulty Tesla tower sent Barb back in time, creating an alternative universe where Clash started in 1982 instead of 2012. The problem is now fixed. #Clashiversary”

Clash Of Clans 2016 Challenge

How To Beat Clash Of Clans 2016 Challenge

According to the available information, the Clash Of Clans 2016 Challenge is among the easiest challenges but you have to think smartly. In order to beat the challenge, the gamers are suggesting their fellow players count on the Queen Walk tactic.

While pursuing the challenge following the Queen Walk tactic, make sure that the queen is in the right location so that she heads in the right direction as part of the older Queen Walk Eagle Artillery strategy heading all the way down. While doing all this make sure to place the miners in the right-hand corner.

The challenge is going quite popular as gamers are discussing it on all social platforms. Here is what the players opinion about the challenge:

One person wrote, “You don’t even need to go for the Eagle. I just started my Queen Walk from 6 and still easily got the 3 stars since I used miners a lot as a the 13.”

Another said, “Today’s challenge was very easy; it took me only 2 tries to figure out; it was basically just queen walk. But yesterday’s challenge and the day before yesterday’s challenges were really tough, and I needed to watch tutorials for them.”

To be able to complete this challenge, make sure you have beaten all the previous 5 hybrid challenges of the Clash of Clans.

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The Bottom Line

This was all from what the Clash Of Clans 2016 Challenge is all about and how you can beat it. Is there any other tactic to beat this challenge? Let us know in the comment box below.

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